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Razer Leviathan Mini (RZ05-01570100-R3U1) The Leviathan Roars!

Razer Leviathan Mini

When it comes to Razer millions upon millions of gamers are familiar with the brand and Razer Gaming peripherals and the first choice of many dedicated gamers are Razer Peripherals. Razer is branching out and sent us the Razer Leviathan Mini to test out..The Leviathan Mini is a mobile wireless (Bluetooth with APTX) speaker with a built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for the ultimate on the go speaker. The Leviathan Mini is aptly named with dimensions running (L) x 185 mm / 7” (W) x 55 mm / 2.16” (H) at a weight of 1.21 pounds the mini and it’s Razer Logo carrying bag won’t take up more than a little corner space in your go bag.



The Leviathan Mini has a good solid feel in the hand but the 1.21LB weight isn’t unreasonable for the hardware it’s packing. Running double duty if you are mated to the Bluetooth connection of the Leviathan you can speak into the Leviathan Mini and it’s built-in advanced microphone and Clear Voice Capture Technology will let you OK Google to your heart’s content.


The Leviathan Mini uses a standard phone charger (Mini USB) and Razer included a charger with a short USB mini cord. You can play from the stored battery power or have it plugged in saving the battery for later. We pushed it to the max streaming music from an Android phone for just over 10 hours before the speaker gave up the ghost. We were jamming at a level that you could feel the music and Razer has the high-tones, mid-tones and low-tones completely covered with crystal clear crisp sound.


Given it’s 7″ length you will be amazed at the big sound the Leviathan emits, you can control sound both from your phone (or any Bluetooth device) as well as using the + and – on top the speaker. The Leviathan Mini is as easy as turning on your device enabling Bluetooth and pairing with the speaker at which point the speaker becomes the default sound out device.

Three Ways To Connect To The Leviathan Mini

1. NFC to Bluetooth. Hold the Bluetooth button down until it blinks, tap your phone against the small side that doesn’t have the buttons, and you’re connected.
2. Bluetooth. The same way you’d connect to any other Bluetooth speaker – hit that Bluetooth button and find this speaker using your device’s Bluetooth access screen.
3. Audio cable (AUX). Using a standard headphone cord-sized jack (3mm) and including an audio cord in the box, you can connect any audio device to this speaker the old-fashioned way.

Why would you want to connect to the 3mm jack when you have such a kick butt speaker. Ok your streaming video to your TV and the spouse turns over to go to sleep, simply plug-in a 3mm headphone or earbuds and the speaker mutes and sends the sound to the 3mm jack giving you the sound you want and your partner the sleep they need.

As part of testing we had to take the Leviathan Mini along with us on several trip and one we chose was a doctor’s office during an appointment we had, We let the nurse know ahead of time what to expect and let the tunes rip at a reasonable level. Within minutes we had 3/4 of the waiting room (about 10 people) asking questions about the Leviathan Mini. Most of which were price oriented and where they could purchase one.

While in the Doctors office we paired with a Samsung Laptop, Droid Tablet and a Droid phone and just the looks on people’s faces made this review worthwhile. One of the best parts of the job is explaining new yet to be released products to people who have to wait to get theirs. Long story short break the Leviathan Mini out and people will gravitate to it and in the process you so it’s not only good for music it’s a great conversation starter (Yes a couple of phone numbers exchanged hands and some thoroughly enjoyable coffee dates ensued.


The Leviathan Mini with APTX technology and Bluetooth 4.0 remembers the last paired device and the NFC technology makes lightning fast Pairing second nature. What it boils to is you can easily reconnect to the last used device with the touch of the button. Your connectivity range is about 30 foot depending on your Bluetooth sending device and be sure to pack a lot of tunes you won’t want to get short of tunes with the 10 hour battery life. In case the right moment happens to occur you may want to create several playlists for the party, dinner, or romantic evening and you’re sure to impress when you click once or twice on your phone and the mood is set without having to move away from your group.


Razers gone a step above and beyond and you can link two Leviathan Mini’s together for enjoy two speakers or pair them in stereo mode and enjoy true stereo sound using a Bluetooth device in range.


The compact design and rich clear sound from the Leviathan Mini are sure to make it a stable in your go bag or brief case. Pair up with your Phone and use it for meetings to amplify your voice or just kick back in the motel room and enjoy high quality audio. It’s really the best thing next to carrying a high-end boom box but your phone is the stereo and the speaker is where ever you want it.


Dimensions : 54 mm / 2.12” (L) x 185 mm / 3.34” (W) x 55 mm / 2.16” (H)
Weight : 538 g / 1.21 lbs

Battery type : 2600 mAH rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Battery life : Up to 10 hours
Charge time : 4 hours

Bluetooth wireless range : 10 m / 30 ft
Combo Play wireless range : 4 m / 13 ft

Total power output : 24 W (12 W x 2)
Frequency response rate : 20 Hz – 20 KHz
Drivers : 2 x 45 mm / 1.77” neodymium magnets
Passive Radiators: 2 x 40 mm / 1.57” x 70 mm / 2.75”
Impedance : 4 Ω

Omnidirectional microphone with Clear Voice Capture Technology
Size : 4mm / 0.15”

Connection methods
Devices that supports Bluetooth® wireless audio profile 3.5 mm audio jack
Devices that support Bluetooth® Hands-Free Profile (HFP1.5)

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