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HAVIT Lammergeier RBG Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We didn’t quite know what to expect in our first adventure with HAVIT’s lineup of gaming equipment but as it turns out the first offering of the HAVIT® Lammergeier LED Award_ValueDefinable RGB 7 Backlit Programmable Gaming keyboard and Mouse Combo Set performed well above its price point. The keyboard has a nice solid feel to it and while it doesn’t have mechanical switches the keys give a nice tactile feedback and you know for certain when you’ve actuated a key. The software that accompanies the keyboard is full featured and offers more than most gamers will ever need. You can even attach a profile to an executable (.exe) file and when the game loads your profile automatically loads which is a highly advantageous and sought after gaming feature.

Both the mouse and keyboard have that solid well-built feel to them and the mouse has on the fly DPI settings from 800 to 1600, 2400 and 3200 which we found to be plenty for our setup. You see some mice that go as high as 10k DPI and unless you have some room sized bank of monitors being pushed by several Titans in SLI 3200 DPI is really plenty. Another advantage of not sticking a 10K DPI sensor into the Lammergeier mouse is cost effectiveness. The 10K DPI sensors don’t come cheap and if you don’t need 10K DPI then you are paying an upscale price that you don’t really need to go out-of-pocket for. The mouse cord is a little shorter than we are used to but at this price and quality USB extension cords (Male to Female) are pretty inexpensive and the last one we purchased was a 6 foot extension for about $2.50 so we aren’t going to harp on a 5’3″ cord.


The combo gamed well and the profiles and macros came in handy once we got them dialed in. We can’t wait to try out more of the Magic Eagle collection from HAVIT and we can easily see why HAVIT has spread to more than 160 countries. The price / performance factor is off the scale and we would have no problem walking into a LAN party and gaming til we dropped with the HAVIT® Lammergeier LED Definable RGB 7 Backlit Programmable Gaming keyboard and Mouse Combo Set.

Pros Cons
  • Price
  • Ease Of Installation
  • Solid Quality Feel
  • Full Featured Keyboard Software
  • Style and Performance
  • Eye Catching
  • Mouse Cord A Tad Short

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