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HAVIT Lammergeier RBG Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set

The Software


After spending a week or so with the Lammergeier keyboard and mouse combo we found the accompanying software suite to be full and feature rich. How you use those features will determine if it’s a good keyboard or a great keyboard. you can program 13 macros for each profile and there are 4 profiles which is more than adequate for your average gamer.


The “G” and “L” keys are your programmable keys and they take a little getting used to as 9 of them run across the top of the keyboard and 4 down the left side. The four on the left side should be your go to gold macros to prevent you from having to reach across the keyboard and nudge one of the top buttons.


There is a macro generator in the software but we didn’t find an on the fly macro generator found on some of the more expensive keyboards. On the fly macro recording isn’t a real big feature for us. Think about it you’re in the middle of battle and it pops into your head I need a macro! Games just don’t work that way your busy trying to figure out how to kill or not be killed and there’s little time for on the fly macro designing. More often than not we program our macros from memory, something like 1.toss a grenade. 2. duck. 3 reload, 4. wait for the grenade explosion, end macro. That would be our oh heck we ran out of ammo macro so throw a grenade, duck, reload and wait for the explosion before popping back up.


Now the colors on the RGB end of things there are actually 7 colors to use in 4 zones so we aren’t looking at 16.8 million colors but we aren’t looking at a 16.8 million color price either. Thoughtfully the colors can be changed by hitting Fn and F9 – F12 and you can change the colors without resorting to the software mode. The effects are limited to breathing but in all the palate and controls are very reasonable given the price.


Now a feature we see on other high-end keyboards is adjustable polling and the Lammergeier Keyboard can poll at 125, 250, 500 and 1000Hz which is as fast a polling setup as we’ve seen on any keyboard. Notice the upper right hand corner and you’ll see your 4 profile spots.


Here’s one adjustment you won’t find on any keyboards we’ve seen and that’s adjustable Key Response time from 8ms to 1ms now 7ms isn’t much of a difference but it’s enough in some cases to save your life in-game. We were just a bit amazed that a keyboard and mouse set in this price range is so full featured and adjustable.


The last page we looked at was a driver update page and an online support button and it’s nice to know that further development to cover whatever bugs may be left in the software. In all we were pleasantly surprised and pleased with the software, profiles and macro setup offered by HAVITt.

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