Thursday , 2 February 2023

COOLER MASTER Silencio FP 120 PWM Fan Performance Edition (R4-SFNL-24PK-R1) Quiet The Beast!

Test Rig

Fan testing, at least in this case we are concerned with noise levels, we already know the fan can push 76 CFM and that it’s a static pressure fan. We installed all 5 Silencio Performance Edition fans in the test rig, two on top pushing the air out of the top, two pulling cool air in the front, and one on the back exhausting air. We also switched out the Dual Radiator LCS for the Cooler Master GeminII S524 Ver.2 so that the only fans in the COOLER MASTER Master Case are COOLER MASTER fans. Once the system was rebuilt we buttoned up the case and moved everything to a quiet room in the lab, all operations, noises, radios, phones literally every device making noise is shut down or unplugged including the sacred Energy Drink Refrigerator. Then we crank the machine up and let it run for 10 minutes and record the noise level at an idle, we move to 25%,50%, 75%, and 100% fan usage and record the noise 1 meter from the front of the chassis level with the edge of the surface the rig sets on.

Test Rig
Case Type
CPU Cooler
Hard Drives
Optical Liteon DVD Burner
GPU Asus ROG Poseidon Platinum GTX 980 Ti
Case Fans
Docking Stations None
Testing PSU
Legacy None
Any Attempt Copy This System Configuration May Lead to Bankruptcy

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  1. Henddra Adriyadi

    Help me, where can I get driver ATI Radeon HD 4800 DDR3 256bit type?

  2. Can you please check how they perform on radiators with comparision to some popular fans like Gentle Typhoons? I’m really really curious! The Performance Edition is still not available here in Europe but i have the 3pin(1200RPM) versions and they are COMPLETELY SILENT at 12V.

  3. I have looked everywhere online and i couldn’t find it in stock anywhere. Can someone help?

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