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Zotac MAGNUS EN970 Gaming mini-pc

Media Playback

We did not anticipate an issues for the Zotac Magnus EN970 when it comes to media playback since it has a proper Nvidia GPU. We installed both Plex and one of the latest DX11 betas of Kodi (15.1 at the time of writing) and had no issues watching HD-movies with both.

Temperatures (and the fan)

With such a small PC one of the main worries is that you will either have a very hot PC or a PC that makes a lot of noise, especially with the powerful GPU. In fact though we found that neither was really true.

 Max temperature measured.CPUGPU
Idle at Desktop40C40C
3DMark Firestrike Ultra71C76C
Rocketleague 4 min game78C76C
Watching HD-movie in Kodi61C

Yes, the temperatures sometimes are above 70C when you play a game for a longer period but that still is not “stupid” hot. And we noticed the temperature fluctuate a lot so it never keeps the components at that high temperatures for a longer period.

The two SSD’s reported a temperature around 40C which is quite high so we would not recommend putting a regular platter-based HDD there.

What is more impressive is that even if we could hear the fan when leaning over and putting the ear closer to the PC we never really noticed it during all our benchmarks, games or media playback. It certainly does not have an annoying pitch that can be heard.

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