Razer DeathStalker Chroma

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A favorite for years, Razer made a fine keyboard with the Deathstalker, and the Chroma is a nice addition. The sleek, stylish design looks great sitting with your gamingAward_Silver platform. The software and functions all work seamlessly and if you are specifically seeking a non mechanical low noise keyboard, you may be looking at the best one around.

Where we come to an impasse with the DeathStalker Chroma is the cost, at 99$ you certainly have options in the keyboard market. The original DeathStalker is still available for 80$, most likely able to produce your favorite color, also most likely being used by users that purchased many years ago, still functioning like new.  Coupled with the fact that the Chroma edition offers no extra features other than the awesome Chroma itself, it’s a hard call.  We recommend the DeathStalker platform either way, and if having a sweet Chroma wave will make you love your battle station that much more for 20$ then that’s really all that matters right? We do know based upon years of time spent with Razer products, this keyboard is going to perform exactly as specified and most likely outlast us all thanks to simple, solid construction. As long as one tests if they enjoy/can handle the feel of Chiclet keys in a desktop setting before purchasing, we really see no chance of buyer’s remorse here.: Purchase. Frag. Smile.

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