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VisionTek Road Warrior Roundup, 60 GB Go Drive, Wallet Drive and DriveXpander

The world has become a mobile place. Mobility along with data communications and data transfer are part of our everyday lives. The cloud is okay, but data security can still be an issue. Thumb drives are alright, but limited in application and grow mega-expensive as their size grows. What do you do if you need an all-around “road warrior kit” that has to deliver 100% of the time in any computing environment? You go to VisionTek and grab whatever size SSD you want, a Wallet Drive and a DriveXpander. Read on!

VisionTek Road Warrior Roundup

There’s no prepared kit waiting for you at VisionTek, but with a couple of clicks you can create the ultimate road warrior kit tailored to your needs. We were scouting around for interesting, seldom seen products for a little variety in our review diet when we stumbled across VisionTek’s SSD page. Like a bolt of lightning, it struck us that a person could create a road warrior kit in one spot that offers the ultimate in portability, dependability and convenience.  You won’t have to depend on an ambiguous “cloud” that relies on 4G or Wi-Fi networking. We’ve all been there, lost in the columns of steel, surrounded by walls with electrical conduit cutting us off from our cell phone signal and hotel Wi-Fi. In this situation you may as well chisel your message on a stone tablet and throw it out the window. There you sit, cutoff from your lifeline of data, trying to make last-minute adjustments to your presentation and all the cloud data in the world won’t help you.

You can’t always depend on easy to lose USB flash drives, as the data transfer rate might not fit with your presentation’s needs. You can’t predict what awaits you on the other end of your journey. It might be a state-of-the-art, tension-relieving presentation setup, or some five year odl projection setup with little more than a 15-pin D-Sub video setup. All your tech toys won’t protect you from the mis-adventures of the road, but you can hedge your bets and set up a mobile road warrior kit that will increase your chances of carrying and delivering your data payload or even carry your computing environment with you.

Pop on over to VisionTek and pick up a Go Drive, a Wallet Drive and a DriveXpander, and you’re ready to set up the ultimate road warrior kit. Our Go drive is a standard 6G SATA drive, the Wallet Drive is an easy-to-use USB 3.0 hard drive wallet, and the DriveXpander is a PCI-E port, hot-swap, 2.5 inch hard drive hot swap bay. If need be you can prepare multiple drives for presentations at different companies and do it all with your ultimate road warrior kit. The possibilities are endless here. Running a small mom and pop shop business with a single point-of-sale system that also serves as the primary computing device for the store? You can slip a drive into the DriveXpander and clone your business onto a spare hard drive, pop it into the Wallet Drive and sleep well at night knowing that your business data is safe on the night stand beside you.

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