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CoolerMaster Silencio 625S, Hear the Silence

Since silence is partially about fans and low noise airflow, let’s cover the 120mm “Silencio FP 120” fans.


The win here is the fan blade design that delivers high pressure, good CFM and low dBA. Any one of these is easy by itself, but combine all three into one fan, and you have a quantum leap in fan design. We’ve seen a lot of fans being redesigned to provide a longer life. The use of micro bearings, ceramic micro bearings, oil packed and a host of other solutions help to reduce fan noise and increase longevity.  What we are looking at in this little graphic is a host of information in a simplified form. The crux of the matter is that the Silencio FP 120 fans provides 38 CFM at high pressure, at a low 10-12 dBA level, all with a life expectancy of 160,000 hours.

Loop Dynami Bearings

Notice the special fan blade that reduces air cavitation, the equivalent of air micro bubbles that can generate noise. Reduce cavitation, and you reduce noise.

From the looks of the following graphic, Loop Dynamic bearings look to be cylindrical bearings rotating around a shaft that is covered in one of the cylindrical bearings. The engineering specs on those must be a nightmare, because with that close contact across that surface, the design precision must be spot on or bearing problems will ensue. We’ve had our hands on six of these fans so far and have seen no inherent problems.

Loop Dynami Bearings1

Now lets look at the guts of the fan and its exclusive Loop Dynamic bearings. The Sealant (A) on the fans bobbin has the highest level of dust protection at IP6X standards. Now what the heck is IPX6 dust standard? Well IPX5 means dust can get in but not interfere with the normal operation of the machinery.

IPX6 is the highest standard and strictly defined as:

“No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight). During this test a vacuum is applied to the product in order to attempt to force it to suck in the surrounding dust. The product must not allow any dust into the enclosure.” (Source HALT & HASS, You Make It We Break It )

So the “A” portion of our graphic tells us that the Silencio FP 120 fans allow zero dust inside of the bearing, and in our desert lab environment that is a much appreciated feature.

The spindle on the fan has an oil recycle slot that allows the oil to circulate around the shaft. The shaft is designed to circulate the oil back around the loop bearings.

That’s quite a bit of engineering for a case fan, but it’s engineered correctly, not over engineered.

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