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From the time we saw the box to peeling back the layers to get at the HyperX Cloud II we were seeing layer after layer of quality. Inside the outer box we found this heavy duty box easily thick enough to stand up to the rigors of any shipping.

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Peel back the top protective foam and you find the headset Dolby 7.1 external control, headset, (extra) Red Ear cups, and a Mini RCA to Dual RCA adapter. After digging through the layers we also found a protective carrying bag.

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The headset while faux leather has a firm and sturdy feel to it and the brushed aluminum ear cup holders don’t feel flimsy like a lot of headsets we’ve seen.  The microphone boom is detachable a feature we wish more headset manufacturers would adopt. When not using a microphone boom you feel funny with it protruding into your peripheral vision.  The ear cups are made of a high quality memory foam and luxurious to the touch.

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The padding on the headset makes for a very comfortable wearing experience and the first day I wore them for about 7 hours listening to music, playing games and Skyping with friends. I barely noticed the headset until late in the session and somewhere between 6 and 7 hours (non-stop) we were ready to take them off, not so much from discomfort but the headset lead at 3 Meters (PC operation) wouldn’t reach the refrigerator.  The newly redesigned 7.1 sound card inside the volume controller has easy to use easy to understand controls and a clip on the back to keep it handy while waiting for that head shot. The Cord is covered in braided cloth, connections made a satisfying click when joined and the entire package contents and all show signs of attention to detail and quality.

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We ran the headset on an Android tablet, Smart Phone, Xbox one1 and several computers, of the 10 different setups I tested I had minor complications with one Dell all in one Desktop and it was a simple fix to make the Cloud II the default device and it was clear sailing from there on.  If you experience any problems with setup check your sound device and see if the Cloud II has been detected as a communications device, if it has just select “Default Device” and game on. On the top of the inner box we found a quick start guide though we suspect few people will need it.

The HyperX Cloud II headset has landed and landed chock full of a quality you can't expect in a sub $100 Pro-gaming headset. From the powder coated brushed aluminum to the memory foam ear cups you'll be hard pressed to find one thing on the Cloud II not geared toward quality.  With 53mm neodymium rare earth magnets capable of 15Hz on the low side to 25000Hz on the high side these cans scream quality.   Kingston HyperX Cloud 2 Headset ... The long awaited Kingston HyperX  Cloud II Pro-Gaming optimized Headset is here and frankly…

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Value - 9.5
Performance - 8.5
Quality - 9
Features - 8.5
Innovation - 9


The HyperX Cloud 2 performed extremely well in Dolby 2.0, the solid construction and comfortable over the ear design combined with a sub $100 MSRP makes it an affordable tool for your gaming arsenal.

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