Philips Brilliance 239C4QHWAB Miracast-enabled monitor


As a regular monitor the Philips Brilliance  239C4QHWAB is good. The image quality is fine with excellent viewing angles. The monitor is also very thin and light. The lack of DisplayPort connection is a bit of a downer especially since other monitors priced at the same level has it. We are also not fond of the black shiny plastic and that we cannot change the angle of the screen more than a little.

As for the special features of this monitor, the MHL-HDMI and Miracast-support,they do work although maybe not as good as we would have hoped. MHL-HDMI works fine so there we have no complaints. It is Miracast that simply is not working as well as it should. We are not sure who’s fault it is but a WiFi-Direct connection between the device and the screen should be lag/freeze-free, especially when be in close proximity. Miracast still works for presentations but you will get a slightly less vidvid and less sharp image.

We have not found a price of this monitor in the US yet but in Europe that price is around €239/£190 which is pretty expensive compared to the competition. It all depends how important the Miracast and MHL-HDMI-support is if you think it is worth it.

Review Overview

Performance - 6.5
Quality - 7
Features - 7
Value - 6.1


The Philips Brilliance 239C4QHWAB is a thin IPS-monitor with good image quality and excellent viewing. It comes with Miracast-support which unfortunately does not work as well as expected.

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