Saturday , 23 January 2021

QNAP TS-453D: Time to Start Upgrading Your Network Setup to 2.5 GbE

More Cloud Storage support: HybridMount and VJOB Cloud

As cloud storage becoming more popular, we see that not only that it has made into the HBS3 but QNAP also has two services that take advantage of the the cloud storage space. The first one is the HybridMount, a File based type that allows you to access files stored in the cloud. Thinking of HybridMount is like a gateway to your various cloud space. Once you set it up, you can access all of your cloud services and files stored in them right from your computer or on your NAS. We can either set the cloud storage as a remote device (via Remote Devices) where data is not cached to your local NAS or as a local cache (via Cloud Services) for low latency access as data would be cached to your NAS.

The Cloud Service let us configure the amount of space on our NAS as cached space. QNAP provides 3 levels of cache priority that we can assign to each individual folder. Since the cloud data would be cached to the local NAS, it would be available even without the internet access.

Since the cloud storage would appear as a local storage, it can be mounted on the NAS , and then mounted on individual computer using SMB, NFS or AFP. The read and write access can even be managed just like you would with the local storage.

Another cloud based feature is the VJOB Cloud. QNAP has supported VJOB on their NAS for awhile where unused space from another NAS can be used as expanded storage of another QNAP NAS. Now the company has expanded this feature with VJOB Cloud where users can create cloud volumes or cloud LUNs on their NAS. Data in the cloud volumes/cloud LUNs would then be automatically backed up to the cloud. Thus, data would be backed up automatically and accessible anywhere from the cloud.

As mentioned before, QNAP includes limited license for these services, two for HybridMount and one for VJOB Cloud, which would probably going to be fine for most home user but you can always purchase additional licenses if you need more.

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