AMD Ryzen 5 2600 – Does AMD Have an Underrated Gaming Beast?

Here we will run some targeted benchmark tests to gauge the raw performance/calculation speed of the CPUs.


SuperPi is a very popular program for testing single threaded performance by calculating digits of Pi. You run it by setting the length of the test and the score is time-based at the end. Performance is judged by how quickly it can complete the task you assign.

Here as you can see the CPU related performance is much like I expected. The 8700K readily beats the 2600 across the board as IPC and frequency are both better on the Intel chip. The 8700K’s ability to turbo up to 4.7GHz definitely helps give it a commanding lead.



WPrime is very similar to SuperPi but is a multithreaded program which you can assign the number of threads that work on the problem and you get a time-based result on how long it took for the CPU to crunch through the task you assign.

WPrime we see more of the same as these chips are apples to oranges comparison when it comes to overall compute capability. but that’s not everything as this article we are more looking at gaming but it is worth noting that if you are looking at getting a CPU that can both game and push heavy number crunching capability, there is definitely a deficit between these two.




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