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Samsung Portable SSD T3 – good things still come in small packages


We hooked up a variety of drives to our Surface 4 pro via USB 3.0 and ran a bunch of benchmarks.

  • Samsung Portable SSD T1 500 GB
  • Samsung Portable SSD T3 500 GB
  • WD My Passport Ultra (7200 rpm drive)

ATTO Disk Benchmark

We’ll start with the old trusted benchmark ATTO.


Left: Samsung Portable SSD T1 500 GB . Right: Samsung Portable SSD T3 500 GB

There is not much difference between the Samsung T1 and the new T3.  Both are really quick SSD’s.

 Left: WD My Passport Ultra

As a comparison we have the WD My Passport Ultra which is a small slim external drive with a HDD that spins at 7200 rpm. As expected it levels out at around 95 MB/s.


Left: Samsung Portable SSD T1 500 GB, Right: Samsung Portable SSD T3 500 GB

Again the difference is basically non-existing and the one that is there is due to variations in scores that we get when re-running the benchmark several times.


WD My Book Ultra

This benchmark shows in what conditions the HDD simply cannot keep up with a SSD.

Anvil Storage Utilities

The benchmark Anvil Storage Utilities is a bit special as it allows us to set up a kind of workload that mimics “real world” files when it comes to a mix of compressable and incompressable files.

Samsung Portable SSD T1 500 GB


100% compression = incompressable.


46% mix of compressed and incompressable files. 

Samsung Portable SSD T3 500 GB


100% compression = incompressable.


46% mix of compressed and incompressable files. 

In this benchmark we also see the same pattern as the others; the Samsung T1 and T3 are basically the same speed.

No Trim?

Support for the Trim-command has been largely undetermined both with the Samsung Portable SSD T1 and the T3. Using the program we get a “undetermined” rating for the drives. Trim support is important as it helps stop the degradation of speed over time so it is a bit dissapointing that it seems the Samsung Portable SSD T3 does not support it. However – we have been using the Samsung Portable SSD T1 for 7 months since the review and writing and deleting a lot of data on it and when we ran our benchmarks again for this review, albeit on a different computer, we still get similar performance as when it was new so it seems that there might be something Trim-like going on anyway or that the drive does not degenerate in speed as quick as one might think.

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