Tuesday , 24 November 2020

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

Final thoughts and Conclusion

During our extensive time with the new Sound Blaster Roar 2 and after many hours of testing, we are proud to say that the product lived up to our expectations. We were especially pleased with the audio quality and connectivity options. We found the audio to be crisp and clear throughout the volume range and we did not notice any distortion.   The connectivity options include Bluetooth, MicroSD card and standard 2.5 audio jacks should you want to go wired. During our testing we used it in wired mode as a PC speaker and were extremely happy with its performance in this role and it definitely beats built in sound from a monitor or a cheap set of speakers. The speaker phone feature and its microphone worked flawlessly and we were also pleased that the microphone can be used to record directly to the MicroSD card.


During our testing we also tested it outdoors and at night. With minimal lighting the controls were easy to navigate and use. However, keep in mind that the Roar 2 is not waterproof, so be mindful of the environment if you are using it outside. As with all Bluetooth speakers, they can be used for several different uses and are dual purpose utensils to help us get the most out of our devices and enhance our daily lives, such as when at home we would leave it plugged in with the AC power adaptor and would pair it with our phone at night and set the alarm on our device. This essentially gives you an alarm clock that is powerful enough to wake a bear from hibernation, so if you’re a heavy sleeper and your phone speaker doesn’t wake you up, just pair it with this bad boy before bed.   We were also thoroughly impressed with the build quality of the Roar2. The aesthetics of the Roar 2 in both color schemes were pleasing to the eye.   Sound Blaster was also mindful when it comes to the aesthetics of the accessories that are available for the unit that include a fashionable carrying case and silicone cases that come in a multitude of colors.

The Sound Blaster Roar 2 retails on Amazon for $144.99 and we highly recommend this product thanks to its audio excellence and gorgeous looks.  Overall, we feel the audio performance matches some higher end products in a much tighter and more portable package.   We also loved the built-in controls on the unit and found them to be very user-friendly.   As result the Roar 2 earns our prestigious Golden bear award and our bang for the buck award. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great sounding Bluetooth speaker in a compact size that they can easily take with them on the go.

Award_Value Award_Gold


Pros Cons
  • Control interface
  • Sound Quality
  • Warranty and Support
  • Accessories
  • Size


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