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Razer Kraken Mobile

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We spent a lot of time with the Razer Kraken Mobile, and it’s one comfortable set of cans. We streamed music, listened to CD’s as well as hi-fi digital formats, watched a Award_Silvercouple of movies and in general, ran them through every sound scenario we could think of. The sound provided by the Kraken mobile is powerful (to the point of bone conductivity at times) and when jamming, the sound for the most part was crystal clear. When we got into heavy, heavy bass, the sound got a little muddy, but you don’t expect a set of headphones to be able to handle booming bass with a 40 mm set of drivers the same way full-fledged room speakers handle it. Low and mid-tones were impeccable, and across all spectrum’s of music, the Kraken Mobile performed well.

Pop music, Rock music and Country music flowed from the Razer Kraken like water from a mountain spring, fresh, inexhaustible and pure. Incoming calls were a bit of a distraction, but that’s life on the move. We have to confess, we’ve been using a set of white Razer Moray earbuds for going on six years now, and have been entirely happy with those. We have even used several vendors’ earbuds and headsets, and Razer knows sound.

Audio purists and audiophiles would probably opt for a different choice costing a heap of money, but the Razer Kraken comes in at $69┬áto $89, depending on where you buy. In that price range you’re looking at a sweet deal on a set of head-turning cans that people will gravitate to, and that alone is probably worth the price if you are in the dating market.

Now, like every product there are things to be aware of. If you have ginormous ears, you might want to think about a different headphone set. There is a little sound leakage on the outside of the Kraken Mobile, but it’s more due to the large drivers than any fault in the design. It’s easy to get swept away in the sound and kick it up until the outside world fades away. Occasionally, the world intrudes with a phone call, which is easy to answer, but often we found ourselves clicking ignore and fading back into the music.

Gaming really isn’t the Kraken Mobile’s purpose, but we did game with them for several hours using an extension for the cord and an adapter for splitting the sound in/out, and the pill type inline microphone isn’t going to win you any favors from your teammates. As far as the audio however, it was more than passable, and will certainly do if your gaming headset takes a dive.

Overall, we were quite pleased with Razer’s first foray into mobile sound, and you will be hard pressed to pull them from our clutching hands. Just show up at your favorite night spot and keep count of how many conversations they start, and how impressed people are with the powerful, clean, crisp music flowing from the “Nuclear Neon” Kraken Mobile.

Pros Cons
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Geared For All Types Of Music
  • Eye-Popping Head Turners
  • Large 40 mm Neodymium Magnets
  • Crisp Clear Sound Until You Hit Extreme Bass
  • IOS And Android (Android By Optional Cable)
  • Any 3.5 mm Device can use them (With Optional Cable)
  • Bass Gets Muddy On The Extreme End
  • Some Ear Cup Noise Leakage

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