ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC, Strix Goes Mainstream!

Final Thoughts

We were waiting with bated breath for the “mainstream” NVIDIA GTX 950 to see how well it runs, we’ve had it on the test bench for a while and at its price point Award_Silverthe ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC does one heck of a good job with more than demanding games. The 2GB of GDDR5 might be a problem at resolutions over 1080p but most of the world still games at 1080p and the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC is the current master of 1080p at its price point. Considering you’re getting a true Maxwell CM206 that’s DirectX 12 and Windows 10 ready the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC could very well be the Video Card of choice among budget minded gamers.

We racked a R9 370 up beside the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC and even though we only got to run a few tests the testing we did do the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC literally blew the R7 370 out of the water so now we are poking about for a R9 370 to run full benches on. Considering that r7 370 and the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC are at the same price point we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC over the r7 370.

The ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC and indeed the entire lineup of GTX 950’s is one of those rare cases where value, price and performance all merge into the affordable price range. If you are looking to get DirectX 12 ready for the upcoming host of DirectX 12 games there’s hardly a less expensive way to do it ($169.99) and still get the graphics quality you crave.

The limitation of 2GB of GDDR5 running across a 128-bit bus is really only a concern if you are gaming at higher resolutions like 1440p and if you are gaming at that kind of resolution then you know you need more horsepower and GDDR5. If your happy at 1920 x 1080 like on our 28″ 1920 x 1200 monitor then you really don’t need a $500 video card and with the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC running such noted titles as Shadows Of Mordor and GTA 5 at entirely playable levels there are going to be a lot of happy campers at Xmas this year when they break open the package containing the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC.



Pros Cons
  • Decent Overclocking
  • Price / Performance
  • DirectCU 2 Cooling
  • DirectX 12
  • Quiet Operation
  • Outperforms R7 370
  • Best Quality Components .
  • Auto Extreme Technology
  • Win 10 Ready
  • Runs 1920 x 1080 Easily On Demanding Games
  • Ran A Little Hot On The Default Fan Profile
  • 2GB GDDR5 Limiting High Resolution Gaming

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  1. Nice review! any chance you do another with 2x 950’s on SLI and how they perform compared with a single 970 or even 980?

    keep the good work!

    • No Matter what you do when running the GTX 950 in SLI the array of Video Cards wil still be limited to 2GB of memory on the first card so they aren’t going to compare well to a card with 4GB of memory video card. I did run SLI with a couple of 950’s and two scored 12k on 3DMark Skydiver if that’s any help. Jump the resolution up to 1440p and the SLI arrangement just won’t handle it being limited to 2 GB of memory.

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