MSI R9-390 Gaming 8G – AMD 300 series with a custom kick from MSI

Our Final Thoughts

AMD re-released the high end flagship 200 series GPU now as 300 series with FURY coming soon, and to say that this is a bad thing I think would be a mistake. Yes I do agree that seeing a completely fresh lineup would have been awesome simply for the sake of competition but if FURY stands up to the hype then these 300 series cards may simply be the price drop and increased performance needed to push adoption of the gamers to AMD based systems as right now this 390 card runs AAA titles at excellent performance and while staying quiet and relatively cool.

MSI did a great job of turning virtual lemons into lemonade as the forums have been erupting with upset power users about the fact that the 300 series is just re-badged 200 series, but if you get awesome performance at an extremely competitive price point I really don’t see how that’s a bad thing for gamers.

The MSI R9-390 Really does deserve the gold and it’s not just about the value but also the performance you get for that value. MSI went the extra mile to make sure it gave a card that not only performed very well, it had the cooling and even the quiet to match!

Pros: Cons
  • Strong Performance
  • Twin Frozr Cooler Design
  • Strong Military Class VRM Design
  • Plenty of display connectivity
  • Quiet operation even when overclocked
  • Cool running even under overclock loading
  • UEFI and Standard BIOS
  • 8GB Framebuffer
  • Not what everyone wanted (Whole new lineup)
  • Overclock is limited (Possibly by BETA Driver)

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  1. If I understood well, this card is basically at price of GTX970 yet it mostly it outperforms it, to a level sometimes just behind GTX980?
    Only thing I’m confused, will it support DirectX 12 as much as GTX970 does?

    • I believe so. Other R9 390s are made to support DirectX 12 so it is hard to see why not.

    • Actually all GCN cards have better DX12 support than Nvidia, because they have Resource Binding Tier 3, when 900 series has Tier 2. Nvidia has that 12.1 feature level, but it’s meaningless.

    • Outperforms the GTX970? Are you fucking blind or are you just another noob ATI fanboy?

      • Not sure if you’re intentionally being stupid, but in most of the benches presented, the 390 outperforms the 970; even if marginally.

        Seems you’re the one with the vision problems.

      • Also, ATI is a defunct brand and AMD hasn’t used the name for about five years now.

  2. Which card should I buy 390 or 970. I have 550 watts psu

    • I would say you should buy the 390 or the 390x (if you have the money), the only problem is that the driver is still in th BETA and can give some problems

  3. huh? 390x 330$? when launched? im seeing the 390 r9 at 330 right now. like right, now.

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