MSI R9-390 Gaming 8G – AMD 300 series with a custom kick from MSI

A Closer Look at the MSI Radeon R9-390 Gaming 8G

msi-r9_390_gaming_8g-product_pictures-2d1 msi-r9_390_gaming_8g-product_pictures-2d2

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The card looks like pretty much any other gaming card from the front as the Twin Frozr cooler is similar in design and well executed on all gaming models making them very recognizable.

The rear of the card employs a slick looking Black backplate with integrated Dragon design and hexagonal holes which really make for a clean looking finish when installed.


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The display connectivity is about standard for what we have seen on the Kepler based lineup

  • 2x DVI
  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x Displayport

This all digital connector arrangement allows for full eyefinity setups especially with the new easy eyefinity which allows a Displayport hub to be used for up to 3 displays as well for an insane 6 monitor array should you find the need for such an extreme configuration.


msi-r9_390_gaming_8g-product_pictures-3d4 msi-r9_390_gaming_8g-product_pictures-3d2 msi-r9_390_gaming_8g-product_pictures-3d1

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The MSI R9-390 Gaming 8G utilized the stock configuration of 1x 6 Pin PCIe connector and 1x 8 Pin PCIe connector for powering the GPU and components. This should give some headroom as far as overclocking which we hope to visit in a later follow up review. the cooler as you see is very thick and os over dual slot to ensure it keeps the 290 GPU under control when pushing the loading.

The dual TORX fans employ “Zero Frozr” Technology which keeps the fan off until the card reaches 60C so that you can browse online and even some lighter 2D gaming with a card running in passive mode.

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  1. If I understood well, this card is basically at price of GTX970 yet it mostly it outperforms it, to a level sometimes just behind GTX980?
    Only thing I’m confused, will it support DirectX 12 as much as GTX970 does?

    • I believe so. Other R9 390s are made to support DirectX 12 so it is hard to see why not.

    • Actually all GCN cards have better DX12 support than Nvidia, because they have Resource Binding Tier 3, when 900 series has Tier 2. Nvidia has that 12.1 feature level, but it’s meaningless.

    • Outperforms the GTX970? Are you fucking blind or are you just another noob ATI fanboy?

      • Not sure if you’re intentionally being stupid, but in most of the benches presented, the 390 outperforms the 970; even if marginally.

        Seems you’re the one with the vision problems.

      • Also, ATI is a defunct brand and AMD hasn’t used the name for about five years now.

  2. Which card should I buy 390 or 970. I have 550 watts psu

    • I would say you should buy the 390 or the 390x (if you have the money), the only problem is that the driver is still in th BETA and can give some problems

  3. huh? 390x 330$? when launched? im seeing the 390 r9 at 330 right now. like right, now.

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