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Bitfenix Prodigy M micro-ATX case


Award_GoldWe’ve already established that we like the look of the Prodigy M as it is in most parts identical to the Prodigy which got a Golden Bear award. This means that it is the changes inside that will decide what we feel about this case. For the most part Bitfenix has managed to utilize the space well inside. There is room for lots of drives, both 3.5″ and 2.5″, and there really is no problem having one long graphics cards or a tall CPU-cooler inside. Dual graphics cards will work as long as you do not have an optical drive installed or use two long cards.

The placement of the power supply is interesting but has some implications. There is a real risk of having heat transferred from the power supply back into the case. The heat shield should help with that but it will mean that you lose the ability to have a bottom fan and also that any drives there risk getting warmer than usual due to the fact that there is no real ventilation there.

The quality of the case also is impressive. t feels like a premium case with the smooth surface and even though the FyberFlex-material in the handles and the bottom stand is a tad too flexible for us it still does not feel less premium.

Overall though we find the Bitfenix Prodigy M to be almost as good as the original Prodigy and a case that anyone planning on building a smaller more mobile case should consider. At around $100 this is also a case that offers a good bang for the buck. Even with the minor reservations we have there is no reason not to award this case the Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award as it simply is a great case.

When we tested the Bitfenix Prodigy back in October 2012 we were very impressed. It turned out to be a great case for a mini-ITX motherboard. With the Prodigy M Bitfenix has taken the same shell and changed the internals so we now get to fit a M-ATX-motherboard in the same case. Does Bitfenix have another winner on their hands? Read on to find out. FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS Materials Steel, Plastic Colors (Int/Ext) Black/Black, White/White Dimensions (WxHxD) 250 x 404 x 359mm Motherboard Sizes Micro ATX, Mini-ITX 5.25” Drive Bays x 1 (removable) 3.5” Drive Bays x 4…

Review Overview

Performance - 7.6
Quality - 9
Value - 8.5
Features - 8.5


The Bitfenix Prodigy M is a great upgrade to the original Prodigy and offers a quality case for a great price with lots of cool features and good performance.

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