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Zotac GeForce GTX 780 Ti AMP!


Award_ApprovalWhen Nvidia released the GTX Titan the high price was somewhat motivated by the kick ass perforance. Now merely 8-9 months later the GTX Titan no longer is the king of the hill getting beat by the GTX 780 Ti for less money. That is not to say that the Zotac GTX 780 Ti AMP Edition card is cheap. You can expect to pay around 6200 SEK (Sweden), around £575 in the UK and around 700€. We did not at the time of writing actually find the card available in the US but Amazon.com have the non-AMP edition for $699 so we can guess it is just a bit more expensive. And the price is basically the only thing we can complain about. If you look at the benchmarks the AMD r9 290X is not much behind but on the other hand cost a lot less and come with 4 GB memory, something that we already have seen is useful in Battlefield 4. 

Still, not only is the performance of the Zotac GTX 780 Ti AMP Edition superb, also compared to a regular clocked GTX 780 Ti, but the fan is both silent and cools well, something that we currently cannot say about the r9 290X-cards using the reference cooling. We also get some cool unique features like display overclocking, the new adaptive vsync, shadowplay and game streaming.

Even with the reservations we have over the price of the GTX 780 Ti we still feel that the combination of great performance, excellent room for more overclocking, a good silent cooling solution and the extra features that we get with a GeForce card is enough to earn this card a Bjorn3D.com Seal of Approval


Great performance

Pre-overclocked out of the box

Can be overclocked even further

Cooling solutions keeps the card cool without making a lot of noise.

Games included

Price pretty high compared to the R9 290X

Only 3 GB memory

The GeForce 780 Ti is today the fastest single-GPU card available. This doesn’t stop companies like Zotac to tweak it to get even more performance out of it. Today we are testing the Zotac GeForce GeForce 780 Ti AMP! Edition, a card that comes pre-overclocked out of the box. Features and Specifications The Zotac GeForce GeForce 780 Ti AMP! Edition is overclocked quite a bit.          GTX TITAN    GTX 780 Ti    Zotac GTX 780 Ti AMP GTX 780 Stream Processors 2688 2880 2880 2304 Texture Units 224 240 240 192 ROP’s…

Review Overview

Performance - 9
Value - 7.5
Quality - 8.5
Features - 9


The Zotac GeForce GTX 780 Ti AMP Edition impresses us with great performance, excellent room for more overclocking, a good cooling solution and interesting features.

User Rating: 2.87 ( 3 votes)

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