Wednesday , 21 October 2020

Gigabyte GTX 780 Windforce OC

Our Final Thoughts

Gigabyte may not be the first one to come to mind when thinking of high performance GPU’s but when it comes to 780’s it is a tough contender to beat as its out of the box clock is very strong and puts it within mere percentages of the TITAN in many cases and with some slight overclocking it could easily surpass the flagship.

Add to this the cost of the card being 300 less than the TITAN and this is looking to be one awesome value.

The Windforce cooler definitely does its job keeping the GPU and board components nice and cool even under overclocked loading.

Overall the Gigabyte GTX 780 Windforce OC is one awesome buy that will offer you excellent gaming performance at a nice value for a top end GPU!

Pros: Cons
  • Strong Performance
  • Capable Windforce cooler design
  • Plenty of display connectivity
  • Quiet operation even when overclocked
  • Cool running even under overclock loading
  • Dual 8 pin
  • New software is different, presents a learning curve

Review Overview

Performance - 10
Value - 9.5
Quality - 9
Features - 9
Innovation - 8.5


The Gigabyte GTX 780 windforce OC is a super capable card with TITAN level performance to destroy any game you can throw at it!

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