Gigabyte Aivia Neon 1200Dpi Laser Presenter Mouse


Overview of the Gigabyte Aivia Neon

Gigabyte Aivia NEON1 Gigabyte Aivia NEON2

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The packaging is fairly simple with minor graphics detailing and just focusing on the sleek outlying design of the mouse unit itself.

The rear of the box has some brief detailing of the key specs like you can see we attached above.

Gigabyte Aivia NEON3 Gigabyte Aivia NEON4Gigabyte Aivia NEON5

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Here we see the complete accessories included.
  • Carrying pouch
  • Owners Manual
  • USB Extension Cable
  • soft polishing cloth
  • Aivia intro pamphlet

The accessories for this presentation unit are unique and the carrying case I think is a bit unnecessary as most presentation setups will be laid out on a conference table but I guess if you store it away when not at use it would make sense. I also do like how they include a extension cable for the received/charger so that it can be placed in a convenient location, plus trying to hook the mouse to the charger connected to a desktop is not always the easiest task but it did work well on the side of a laptop.

  Gigabyte Aivia NEON6 Gigabyte Aivia NEON7 Gigabyte Aivia NEON8

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Here you can see the overall design of the mouse and it really is designed for more of a joystick or wrap around grip so that you can hold it with ease or access the buttons while holding it in air to access the bottom and top buttons.
The top carries three buttons starting at top or closest to the scroll when is the free scroll button which allows quick and easy scrolling of webpages or documents to allow easier effortless scrolling and with that possible increases in productivity and workflow.
The second or middle top button is the pointer key button which allows for a pen like function in powerpoint without software installation and with software installed can hold many different functions of your choosing.
The bottom most of the top buttons controls the front mounted laser pointer which can be used for directing attention to key points in a presentation or as I found driving your dogs or cats nuts when you get bored working on a project at home.
The lower part of the Aivia Neon has a single button which is used for the Air Mouse function, and this when pressed allows you to move the mouse around the connected screen or projector with motions similar to those you may use on a motion activated device such as a Nintendo Wii.
The bottom of the mouse you will also find the gliding feet, power switch and even notch where you can store the receiver when not in use.

7846_big Gigabyte Aivia NEON12

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Here you can see the receiver and mouse together. While the receiver is not as sleek or small and hidden as we have seen with others such as Logitech wireless mice this is intentional due to this serving another purpose as well. You will notice that the receiver has two gold colored strips on the edge and those are touch contact points used to directly charge the mouse when the receiver is plugged into a USB port or cable.
The mouse has internal magnet areas between the contacts which help to hold the mouse and charger together during the charging duration, this also makes it easy to have the mouse in hand and ready in mere moments when the need comes up.

Review Overview

Performance - 9
Value - 9
Quality - 9.5
Features - 9.5
Innovation - 9.5


The Aivia Neon is a very interesting and capable solution like one I have not seen before. An excellent solution for not just business but home theatre control.

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