Razer at CES 2012

Razer Naga Hex and Project Fiona at CES 2012

Razer at CES 2012 showed off two of their latest products, the Naga Hex gaming mouse, and their latest on-the-go Project Fiona Gaming PC Tablet with game controllers on the side.

During our visit to their CES booth, Razer demonstrated a variety of their currently marketed products and also provided a sneak peak of future prototypes such as project Fiona and the Blade Notebook.

Razer Naga hex Gaming Mouse

The Razer Naga series mouse has been renowned for quite some time for it’s complexity and practicality when it comes to MMORPG gaming. The ability to program additional 12 macro keys unto the mouse allows for gamers to add additional hotkeys to their arsenal, providing an even smoother gameplay. However, complexity may not be optimal for all games. For example, there are much simpler games that require only two or three keybinds, and having a barrage of keys on the side may become more of an inconvenience. However, games like first person shooters or fast-paced RTS may also require players to use several macros in rapid succession, which is difficult to do with the rubber low response key which will be warn down rather quickly with extensive use.

Click Image For a Larger One

After listening to the user feedback the Razer company has decided to complement Razer Naga series with yet another variant: the Razer Hexa. Unlike it’s predecessors, the Razer Hexa is a mouse designed for playing action-RPG and MOBA games to it’s fullest. With 6 mechanical keys on the side the user will be able to rapidly  use keybinds in fast repetition without much effort. We found the mechanical switches in this mouse to be analogous to those used in Razer Onza controller.

Project Fiona Concept PC Gaming Tablet


Click Image For a Larger One

For those that enjoy tablet gaming, Razer has decided to a create a product that would take the gaming experience to a whole new level. Imagine a tablet with processing capacity of the computer, all the features of the tablet, and console side controller with the vibration features. As impossible as such a combination may sound, Razer has succeeded in integrating all of these elements to bring the latest and most advanced world’s gaming tablet: the Razer Fiona. While still in it’s prototype form, Razer Fiona was shown to us in the presentation which can be observed in the video below. The tablet has a 10.4″ screen typical of a regular tablet while utilizing latest third generation Ivy Bridge Intel processor and fully supporting Windows 8. Assuming the specification of the device, the expected date is estimated to be sometime in Q2 of 2012.

Some interesting features of the tablet includes optional peripherals. Since its running a Windows based OS, there are no limitations on what you can actually connect to the tablet. It does have a USB connector on the bottom making it possible to connect a keyboard, and mouse, or any other devices that you can think of. We hope to hear more about Fiona as time goes by, till then check out the video below where Victor Mikhaltsevich got a hands-on experience playing Space Marines 40,000K on the Fiona.

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