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A Complete SSD Upgrade Kit for MacBook Pro (Early 2011)

OWC Data Doubler

Optical to SATA Hard Drive Converter Bracket Solution

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The OWC data doubler comes in very simple packaging as well, but that is not a problem with us. If the packaging can save a slight amount of money, that is always nice, especially considering that the Data Doubler runs for about $74.99 at the moment. That is slightly expensive, but it does allow users to retain their original drive internally. At first when we take a look at the packaging, we can only see the OWC logo on it, which does not tell us too much about the product. Once we open up the box, we can see the Installation manual for the Data Doubler, and the Data Doubler adapter itself.

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Under the Data Doubler inside the box, several accessories are included. The two longer screws are used to secure the Hard Drive or the SSD to the Data Doubler. There are additional screws included for different installation methods. Finally, OWC also includes 5 different tools that help out tremendously during the installation process. It is difficult to find the exact screw drivers for the types of screws that Apple uses, therefore OWC has done all the work and prepared a complete set of tools that users will need. The following tools are included:

  • Nylon Spudger
  • Phillips #00
  • Straight Blade 1.8mm
  • Torx T8
  • Torx T6

Even though the tools have a 1 year warranty, the Nylon Spudger tool which is used to pry open plastic items such as iPods, or to disconnect the power connectors inside your MacBook Pro, is not covered by the warranty. These tools are sensitive to pressure, therefore they can break easily, but thankfully the Nylon Spudger tool is only $0.99 at

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At first glance the Data Doubler doesn’t look too special. It is designed to take the shape of the Optical Drive that should be installed in the MacBook Pro. Once the main DVD player is removed, the Data Doubler should pop in without any force.

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The Data Doubler is rather stiff and sturdy enough to hold heavy hardware like hard drives. SSDs are much lighter than hard drives, as there are no moving parts or heavy platters, but even if hard drives are heavy, it should have no problem supporting the hard drive. The two screws on the side of the Data Doubler will hold the SSD or Hard Drive in place after the user has inserted the drive into the SATA Power and Data sockets. The outside of the Data Doubler will have another SATA Power and Data connector, but userswill have to reuse the little adapter attached to the DVD player with the Data Doubler to attach the Data Doubler to the mainboard, which will later communicate with and power up the installed SSD or Hard Drive.

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