Bulldozer Overclocked

AMD’s new Bulldozer chip is highly anticipated, but how far can it really go? Keep reading to find out.

Bulldozer Overclocked

On August 31st 2011, a record was broken. AMD’s team of FX overclockers pushed their flagship Bulldozer chip to a stunning 8.429GHz. A team of expert overclockers led by Sami Mäkinen and Simon Solotko pushed Bulldozer to the limit on liquid helium and liquid nitrogen cooling. The overclockers used a near-production FX processor sample. 

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The team pushed the processor to 8429MHz at a voltage of around 2.01V, breaking the previous record of 8308MHz at 1.984V. The previous record was achieved on August 19, 2011 by Latvian overclocker TaPaKaH on an Intel Celeron D LGA775 352 CPU running liquid nitrogen cooling.

Incredibly, despite temperatures as low as -128 C on liquid nitrogen and -222 C on liquid helium, the Bulldozer chips experienced no cold bugs, the bane of overclockers worldwide. However, note that the processor samples the team used were tested and selected for maximum stability prior to the event.

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At AMD’s labs, the team had also laid out pre-overclocked samples of Bulldozer CPU’s running on phase change cooling, closed-loop water cooling, and liquid nitrogen. Other Bulldozer chips achieved around 4.8GHz on air cooling, and 5GHz+ on phase-change and closed-loop water cooling.


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Stay tuned to Bjorn3D.com for more on Bulldozer in the coming weeks, including our full review with detailed performance and architectural analysis!

For more interesting information and video of the Bulldozer, click HERE.

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