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Zalman @ CES 2011

Zalman unveiled some new products today at CES 2011, including cases, coolers, and more.

CNPS11X Extreme Cooler

This is a continuation of the Bjorn3D @ CES 2011 series. We’re bringing you coverage of the hottest new products and announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011. Read on for the new products Zalman is introducing.

Today, Zalman debuted their innovative new CNPS11X Extreme cooler, with a newly designed heatsink. 

The new cooler has a V-shaped dual-heatsink design that we’ve never seen before. It also features a powerful 350W cooling performance. The cooler is versatile, and has black-pearl nickel plating. It comes High Performance Super Thermal Grease ZM-STG2M and an ultra quiet 120mm Blue LED PWM fan.


The cooler uses Zalman’s composite heatpipe solution, which consists of a dual layered heatpipe: the outer layer has axial grooves, and the inner layer is made of sintered (powdered) metal.

Zalman detailed some of the specifications of the cooler:


CNPS7X Performa / LED

Zalman is also releasing the CNPS7X Performa/LED coolers today. Like the 11X Extreme, the 7X coolers feature a dual heatsink design, made of copper and aluminum. 

This cooler line comes with a 92mm fan as opposed to the 11X Extreme’s 120mm fan. The only difference we can see between the CNPS7X Performa and the CNPS7X LED is that the Performa is apparently slightly louder than the LED.

Zalman CNPS5X SZ

The third cooler Zalman introduces today is the CNPS5X SZ. Unlike the other two, this one utilizes a single heatsink.


Like the other coolers, the 5X SZ is incredibly versatile, designed for existing Sockets 775, 1156, and the newly introduced Socket 1155 for Intel Sandy Bridge.

Z9 & Z9 Plus Cases

Along with the spate of coolers, Zalman is also introducing the Z9 and Z9 Plus ATX mid tower cases.


The Z9 Cases feature a front mesh cover for better cooling and easier front air intake, and support up to 7 cooling fans. The 6 internal drive bays also have tool-less installation features, enabling easier use.

As visible above, the case has the PSU mounted on the bottom, and at 300mm, fits even the longest video cards (our GeForce GTX580 was 280mm).


GS1200 Case

Zalman’s second case, the GS1200, has distinct features. The case has to pronounced outcroppings on the front for the two intake fans, which should help keep the case cool and well ventilated.

One feature we have not seen before is the HDD dock on the top of the case:

This apparently allows users to dock SATA hard drives on top of the case. In addition to its top dock and HDD tool-less hotswap features, the case also supports SSDs. The case is USB 3.0 ready, and has great cooling and a spacious 350mm interior.

The case’s specifications are detailed below.

850/1000-HP Plus PSU

In addition to cases and coolers, Zalman is debuting its new 850/1000-HP Plus PSU line. The PSUs feature dual heatpipes for maximum cooling, and have a two-forward switching design. They are highly energy efficient, and are both rated 80 Plus Silver efficient, meaning that they are at least 85% energy efficient at load.

The power supplies (in 850W and 1000W designs), feature an ultra quiet 140mm fan, a modular design, and reliable Japanese capacitors.

We’ll bring you more information as we get it. Stay tuned to Bjorn3D for more from CES 2011!

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