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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Demo

Grab your Light Saber and report to duty as we take a look at the Star Wars Force Unleashed demo for the Xbox 360.

The Dark Side

The dark side has returned and this time we are not talking about the whiny Anakin, but a much more sinister agent of evil. You play as Darth Vader’s evil apprentice eager to prove himself. With enough midichlorians pumping through your body to move a building (insert Barry Bonds steroid joke here), you could possibly be the most powerful Jedi ever.

Your mission is basically the total annihilation of everyone you come across (friend and foe) in an effort to show your loyalty. But since there is very little, and by very little I mean almost no story involved with the demo, lets get right to the action. 

The demo for SWFU is all about action and it seems to have a primary focus on giving you a taste of your powers. Like most Jedi, you of course, have your trusty light saber which is always fun but you also come equipped with some interesting skills.



Force Abilities

What would Star Wars be without crazy skills and abilities? To keep with this tradition you yourself have a few tricks up your sleeve what I like to call Force abilities. These abilities temporarily drain your force meter but allow for some intense attacks.

Force Grip: Allows you to use the force to pick up people and even large objects then send them soaring.

Force Push: You concentrate your force powers to send an immense shockwave in front of you damaging everything in its path.

Force Lighting: Much like the emperor’s ability, this is good for quick damage or cooking a turkey.


Lookin Good

I spent plenty of time playing around with the force grip ability which I found to be the most entertaining. Picking up objects and bowling for storm troopers never gets old. This is only topped by using another storm trooper to smash into the rest. The AI is very impressive, even attempting to dodge and jump out of way when needed, but what I found more interesting was if you force grip a human he does his best to grab onto a teammate (I guess misery really does love company).

The graphics were great and I found nothing to complain about. Everything from movement, character modeling, and explosions were top tier. Midway through the demo your character levels up giving the impression the full version will have some type of character advancement. When up close and personal you can combine your saber and force abilities to create some devastating combos. I must say thus far it looks like SWFU is going to deliver everything promised to us so long ago.

Brought to us by LucasArts, they seems they have a possible home run on their hands. If you haven’t yet, I strongly suggest you download this extremely short demo from either Xbox Live or the Playstation Network and let loose your evil side. Look for the full version to hit the shelves on September 16th! 

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