Cooler Master HAF 500

Temperature and Fan Noise

We tested the HAF 500 with the CPU fan set at 1000 RMP. In addition, we manually set the chassis fans to 1000 RPM and max setting at 1800~1850 RPM. Idle, our i5-12600K temperature is at 30C and GPU temperature is at 35C with fan at 1000 RPM and we noticed 1 degree cooler at the max fan setting. Under load, the CPU temperate is at 58C and the GPU temperature is at 75C at 1000 RPM. At max fan setting, the temperature of the CPU and GPU is lowered to 56C and 73C, respectively. So we get about two degree C cooler with the fan running at the max speed.

And just how well the dedicated GPU performs, we unplugged the fan and noticed that the GPU temperature only raised by 1 degree C. So there a small improvement in the cooling.

As for the noise level, the system runs quiet at 1000 RPM, I can barely hear the noise sitting next to the system. With the fan running at full speed, the fan noise is definitely noticeable and a little bit louder than what I would have preferred. Luckily, the chassis has a good airflow where it does a good job at cooling the components even when the fans are running at 1000 RPM, so it is unlikely that you would notice the fan running at full speed unless you plan to overclock or have higher thermal output.

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  1. With the HAF 500, Cooler Master’s legendary HAF series makes a comeback. The HAF 500 has famous 200mm huge intake ARGB fans for maximum airflow and performance, ensuring unrivaled intake and cooling efficiency. A dedicated GPU fan is included in the chassis, which can be adjusted to fit various GPU lengths. The most modern water cooling configurations may be accommodated thanks to ample clearance for dual 360mm radiators on the top and front panels. Component installation is simplified and hassle-free thanks to tool-less side panels and a removable top panel that eliminates the need to battle with tight locations.

  2. The CoolerMaster 500 series case is definitely one of the best out there, but I found airflow works better with 200 mm fans on top and avoiding hooking up any other type to an identical hub. You’ll want two separate splitter cables–one for your motherboard’s CPU cooler (or watercooling setup) and another just straight through if you’re running something beefy like RTX 30 Series cards where all their cooling needs are taken care off by default without having too many unnecessary connections hanging around doing nothing! 120/140mm intake blade situated improperly can cause serious problems so keep these things facing forward

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