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Welcome the Radeon RX 5600 XT, Featuring the XFX RX 5600 XT Thicc II Pro

3DMark Fire strike

3DMark Firestrike shows the RX 5600 XT pulling up in between the 2060 and 1080 on the extreme variant. Moving to ultra and the 5600 XT falls in line behind the 1070 and ahead of the 1660 SUPER. This is not a bad result and about where we expected it to be, as this benchmark is an older one but still applicable.

3DMark Time Spy

Time Spy being the newer benchmark, we see the RX 5600 XT falling a bit, slotting itself behind the 1080 and 2060 and ahead of the 1660 Ti.


VRMark is more of the same as the RX 5600 XT finds itself between the 2060 and the 1080 on the lighter loading CYAN test. Moving to the heavier Blue test, and we see the 5600 XT fall a bit more to a spot below the 1660 SUPER and above the 1070.

Unigine Heaven 4.0 Pro

Heaven is a long time test in our suite. It is from Unigine and pushes tessellation and some heavy GPU loading.

While Heaven may be aging, putting it at 4K still puts some hurt on the GPU and can give you a very good view of raw performance scaling. Here we see the 5600 XT jumps ahead of the 1660 Ti but still trails the RTX 2060 and even the 1070. This is following what AMD claims thus far as to which card they are positioning the GPUs against.

Unigine Superposition Pro

Superposition is the newest benchmark from Unigine and is better aligned with testing the newer cards we are testing today.

Unigine superposition being the newer benchmark we now see the RX 5600 XT surpass the aging Pascal 1070 and 1080 while still trailing the RTX 2060.

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