Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) – Is Nvidia RTX the “Way It’s Meant To Be Played”?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)

Now we are going to dig into performance to see what kind of penalty you will see when enabling RTX for the effects we observed on the previous page.

4K RTX Enabled

4K with RTX enabled is the roughest it’s going to get, but as you can see the average FPS for the RTX 2080 Ti indeed settles at an average FPS north of 60 FPS. Looking at the runs FPS line chart comparison you can see that at its lowest the 2080 Ti holds above 50 FPS. The other two models do not fare nearly as well with framerates for the 2070 SUPER dropping below 40 FPS and averaging 46.6 FPS. The RTX 2060 while capable is simply not ready for this kind of loading, as you can see the average is 35.4FPS and has dips below 30 which will likely be less than desirable gameplay.

4K RTX Disabled

Disabling RTX at 4K and the performance becomes a bit more friendly. First of all, we gain about 30% FPS across the board which is much better than the 50% drop we saw when BF V launched. It is clear some optimizations have come into play as RTX has matured. The 2080 Ti now averages at 90FPS with some spikes into the over 100FPS range. the 2080 Ti almost never gets below 80 FPS here. The RTX 2070 SUPER now averages well over 60 FPS at 68.3. The 2070 SUPER on the line chart spends most of its time between 60 and 80 FPS lines which is very playable and no major dips into an unplayable area. The RTX 2060 stays north of 40 FPS averaging 50.9 FPS.

1440P RTX Enabled

Moving to 1440P with RTX enabled and the 2080 Ti we find that we now average over 100 FPS at 107.9 and the line plots with the 2080 Ti bouncing between the 100 – 120 FPS bars with some small dips into the 90 FPS range. The 2070 SUPER gets a reprieve here as well jumping up to 81.6 FPS and at its lowest still stays north of 60 FPS while many times it finds itself in the 80 FPS range. The RTX 2060 now is relatively playable with RTX enabled as dips reached to above 50 FPS but average we see at 64.6 FPS with most of the line chart showing FPS trailing along the 60+ FPS range.

1440P RTX Disabled

Moving to 1440p with RTX disabled and we see again that the performance uplift is between 28-30% again. The RTX 2080 Ti now averages 150.1 FPS which will put your 144Hz displays if you have one to work. the line plot on the chart this time we see that the 2080 Ti peaks up to almost 200 FPS while for the most part it hands about the 150 FPS range and hits a minimum dip around 130 FPS. The 2070 SUPER averages 116.6 FPS and the line chart shows that at 1440p with RTX disabled it never drops below 100 FPS while hovering between 100 – 130 FPS. The RTX 2060 here now reaches up to 100 FPS at some points and average is 90.4 FPS. The 2060 hovers in the 80-100 FPS range with the lows rarely breaching the sub-80 FPS range.

1080P RTX Enabled

Lastly, we have the most used resolution for most gamers at 1080p with RTX enabled. The RTX 2080 Ti, of course, handles this with ease with FPS averaging 142.5 and the line chart showing it hovers around the 120-140 FPS range with spikes shooting up above 150 FPS and even rare peaks far above this. The RTX 2070 SUPER we see an average north of 100 FPS at 110 solid. The line chart shows the run which rarely dips below the 100 FPS mark more common averaging just north of the 100 FPS mark. The RTX 2060 does well with RTX enabled here with an average of 89.4 FPS. The line chart shows that the RTX 2060 varies a bit hovering around 70-90 FPS which is plenty playable.

1080P RTX Disabled

1080p with RTX disabled will be the all-out run as this will be the lowest load on the GPUs we test today. First off, the performance difference this time between RTX enabled and disabled drops to 25% for the RTX 2080 Ti and hovers at the 29-30% range for the 2070 SUPER and 2060. The RTX 2080 Ti shows an average FPS of 192.3 with the line chart showing a hover between 165 – 220 FPS. the RTX 2070 SUPER we see an average FPS of 156.8 with the line chart showing the 2070 SUPER hovering around the 140 – 170 FPS range. The RTX 2060 shows an average FPS of 126.3 FPS with the line chart showing the 2060 hovering around 105 – 150 FPS range depending on the loading scenario and scene.


Now that we have seen the recorded runs, its now time to assess everything we have seen and decide if RTX is justified by the observed visuals and performance.

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