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Silverstone UC03-PRO / UC04-PRO Review


The UC03-PRO and the UC04-PRO both have the design and spec to make them incredibly useful tools to have on hand. I could see a business owner using these to charge fleet devices and keep software up to date efficiently. A cell phone shop could probably find great use for these items. Even if looking at the devices as just a charging dock, being able to charge all of your personal devices at once in an organized manner is a nice feature.

I could see either of these devices sitting on a table near my front door holding all of my electronics and accessories for the day, ready to go. On a desktop, the UC03-PRO could be used as a peripheral/accessory hub to keep all your wiring clean and turn your desk into a charging station. A large portion of an item’s value to me is based upon its usefulness, UC03-PRO, and the UC04-PRO could prove useful in all kinds of scenarios. Both devices receive the Bjorn3d.com Seal of Approval for being extremely useful, well-made devices that offer a busy user one of the most important commodities, efficiency.


  • Charges seven/ten devices at a time
  • Simultaneous data transfer while charging
  • Useful for many different lifestyles and applications
  • Well made
  • Perfected sized – no port spacing issues
  • Small form factor


  • Slightly premium cost
  • Does not charge as fast as Samsung fast charger

Get the UC03 Pro from Amazon

Get the UC04 Pro from Amazon


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