Silverstone UC03-PRO / UC04-PRO Review

Looking Closer

The UC03-PRO measures in at 7.87″ long, overall the device isn’t much bigger than a plus-size Samsung or iPhone. The UC04-Pro is just a bit longer at 10.63″. Each device is functionally the same, save for the number of supported devices. Information given for the UC03 will apply to the UC04 as well. All ports on both devices are USB3.1 gen 1 offering 5Gbps speeds. The UC03 Supports seven devices, the UC04 Supports ten.

The tops of the devices are Anti-Scratch, nonslip material to reduce wear or affect. The spacing of the holders is perfect for just about any device from a smaller battery bank, external storage drives, and large mobile devices including iPads. My Note 8 with a larger case applied still fits into the slot nicely. Smart organizers help keep work areas clean.

Turning the UC03-PRO over we see some technical information and get a look at the nonslip pads to keep the device in place on most surfaces. On a common surface from IKEA it takes me a fair amount of force to actually make the device slide in any direction. Given that these devices are meant to be stationary users should have no trouble with it sliding about.

Looking at the I/O on the UC03-PRO/UC04-PRO we see 12V DC power port, USB3.1 Gen 1 data port, and a power indication LED.

So what is USB3.1 gen 1? For the best answer to this question, we will pull data from the source; The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) – “The USB 3.1 specification absorbed USB 3.0, meaning the terms USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 1 are synonymous,” Though USB3.1 does include changes such as “added performance boosts to meet requirements for USB storage, display and docking applications,”.

Each port on the UC03/UC04-PRO is capable of 5V-2.4A “Fast Charging” for all connected devices. Hearing this spec got me quite excited when thinking of my Samsung Fast Charging on my Note 8. If this device really can fast charge seven devices simultaneously while transferring data that would be an insanely useful tool for all types of applications from personal to business.

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