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MOFT Invisible Laptop stand


I decided to fund this kickstarter as it was cheap and the product looked interesting. I did not really expect anything special. Using the product now for a longer period I can say that it works just as advertised which is a great thing.

Both angles work well for me but I prefer the higher 25 degree setting as it lifts up the screen more. It definitely have helped me get a more relaxed position of my neck and hands.

While my space grey stand looks ok I am actually looking forward ordering a few of the new stands that come with different prints.

With a price at 25$ for one stand and 40$ for a double pack I think it is priced reasonable. There are copy-cat versions available on Amazon but I rather support the company that came up with the idea than companies selling cheap knock-offs.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Thin
  • Can handle heavy laptops
  • Two angles
  • Works very well


  • Even though thin it can make the laptop a tiny bit more wobbly when not having it folded out.
  • Only works on laptops without vents at the bottom (unless you make your own holes in it)

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