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MOFT Invisible Laptop stand

Using the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

I have been using the MOFT Invisible Laptop stand now for a few months and this is what I have found.

You still notice it at the bottom of the laptop
Even though the stand is thin I did notice it when not using it. It makes my laptop a tiny bit wobbly, not enough to be annoying but noticeable.

It takes a bit of time to get used to how to fold it out
I actually managed to fold it wrong (it still seemed to work with my fold).

This is NOT how it should be used. Weirdly enough it still worked fine this way.

This is the 15 degree angle setting. The correct one.

And this is the 25 degree angle setting.

Wonderfull to use

As someone that often sit and work with my Mac Book Pro at coffee shops or at home at the living room table I have been looking for a good stand that did not take to much space in my backpack. The MOFT Invisible Laptop stand really has worked excellent for my purposes.

I love how it lifts up the laptop so the screen sits higher and the keyboard is a nice angle. It is a lot nicer to sit and write for longer periods than before.

Quite simply, I cannot envision not using the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand anymore and will see if I can get another one for my Windows Laptop.

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