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MOFT Invisible Laptop stand

I think it is safe to say that laptops and notebooks in many cases are more popular than the old stationary computer. For most use cases a notebook or laptop will works just fine and be easier to use as you can bring it with you and put it away when you do not need it.

One issue when working for long sessions is that the laptop screen isn’t always in the optimal position, same as the keyboard. This can lead to issues with your neck – something I definitely experienced during long codings sessions. You can of course hook up the laptop to a externa screen and get a separate keyboard but then you might as well get a small stationary computer instead.

I noticed the MOFT Invisible Laptop stand on Kickstarter last year. This thin stand sticks to the bottom of your computer and offers 2 different settings to get your computer in a more comfortable position while working. I promptly kickstarted it and have been using for a while now – and this article contains my verdict.

Features and specifications

DimensionsWidth: 170mm, length: 224mm, thickness: 3.04mm
MaterialPU, Fiber glass, removable glue
ColorsSilver, Gold, Rose Gold, Space Gray

The stand I kickstarted was Space Gray. The company recently also announced a bunch of special MOFT laptop stand with motives.

I must say I find these very appealing. If anything MOFT should work hard in getting even more designs for their stands as it helps them stand out compared to copycat competitors.


Lightweight and thin
As you are attaching this to the back of the laptop (MOFT does actually have a version that does not stick to the laptop but that is a separate product) it needs to be tiny and not be noticeable when not being in use. The MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand is just 3.08 mm thick (1/9″) and weights only 65.7 g (3 oz).

Can handle a larger laptop
The stand can handle a 156″ laptop and up to 8.1 KG (18 lbs).

Dual angle adjustment
You can either use it with a 25 degree or a 15 degree angle.

Easy to attache and remove
The MOFT Laptop stand can easily be removed without leaving traces on the computer.

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