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Does Enermax have the new cooler you need? – Enermax Liqtech II & TR4 II 360mm All In One Coolers

This is where we pick some of the marketing points the manufacturer offers, then we explore them through our testing.

  • 500W TDP
    • Enermax Liqtech coolers boast a massive 500W TDP and while that may not mean much to most, its alot of thermal to deal with.
  • Addressable RGB
    • The Liqtech II and TR4 II models both have a light ring around the perimeter of the pump head which is addressable. It has an inbox controller or you can control it with your motherboard if it offers and appropriate 3 pin ARGB header.

With those out of the way now let’s check out the new Liqtech coolers from Enermax.

Here we have the Intel and AMD model which is a 360mm jsut like the other but made for pretty much every other socket except Threardipper.

Here as you can see, the Liqtech II 360mm comes with a manual along with a ton of accessories to ensure you can mount to any Intel socket along with all AMD sockets with the Exception of the TR4. This accessories pack includes, of course, the mounting hardware but also several other goodies such as the cabling to daisy chain the fans, power the LED’s and even control them independently should you opt to do so instead of having the motherboard control the ARGB pump lighting.

Here is the Liqtech II 360mm, unboxed and pretty much ready to mount.as you can see the only permanently affixed cable is the pump cable, with all of the other ancillary components being added onto the unit.


Now let’s take a look at the Threadripper specific TR4 model.

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