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There is a lot to like with the reMarkable paper tablet. In fact, I love it. I have been testing various solutions but none feels so natural and paper-like as the reMarkable. The hardware is really nice and nice to use. Even after a few months my reMarkable looks as new.

The software is also decent. The functionality that is needed for a digital notebook are all there and it even has some decent functionality when it comes to e-books and PDF-documents. I like the ability to transcribe what I’ve written although there are some work still to be done there to make it even more powerful.

There are really only two negative things I can come up with. First of all battery life. reMarkable has been working on improving this and I am pretty confident that they will be able to improve that a bit as they update the tablet. It still won’t be perfect but as long as there is better info on the status of the battery and some more power saving features I can live with it.

The second issue is price. At $599/599€ this is NOT a cheap product. Add to that a Folio for $99-$129 (99€ – 120€) and you are looking at spending a sizeable chunk of money on a pretty niche-product. Still, to me is has been worth every penny as it does indeed help me at work. Your mileage might wary but if you do indeed go through a lot of note books I think the reMarkable will be worth it for you.

  • Great hardware
  • Excellent “feeling”, just like writing on paper
  • Easy to categorise note books
  • Decent e-book and PDF-reader
  • Mobile and computer apps for syncing
  • Handwriting to digital notes for 33 languages
  • Possible to SSH in and install own software
  • Expensive
  • Battery life does not impress
  • A bit slow when refreshing pages
  • No copy&paste between pages

The reMarkable Paper Tablet can be bought at Amazon or from reMarkable directly.

Buy from Amazon

Buy from reMarkable (this link will give you a $100 /85€ rebate on a reMarkable. It will also give us a rebate in another reMarkable)






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