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MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming X Review – an Even Lower Cost Turing Option

3DMark Firestrike


3DMark Firestrike shows that the MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X can pull right in between the 1060 6G card and the GTX 1070. Once you up to the Ultra level is when the 1660 falls behind the 1060 model.

3DMark Time Spy

Time Spy is the newest 3DMark entry being a DX12 variant. This test seems to really allow the Turing architecture to stretch its legs. Here we see the GTX 1660 Gaming X slots itself in between the 1070 and the 1060 and even nudges closer to the 1070 as far as relative performance.



VRMark has 3 levels, Easiest being Orange, then heavy being Cyan and insane mode being Blue.

Here we see the MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X pulls a solid lead over the 1060 in every test and even bests the 1070 in the CYAN midrange test.

Unigine Heaven 4.0 Pro

Heaven is a long time test ion our suite. It is from Unigine and pushes tessellation and some heavy GPU loading.

Heaven is a trusty older bench but it does a good job of showing how the raw horsepower of the previous gen Pascal based cards can still hold their own in the right scenario. Here we see the GTX 1660 Gaming X falls just at the heels of the 6GB GTX 1060 card.

Unigine Superposition Pro

Superposition is the newest benchmark from Unigine and is better aligned with testing the newer cards we are testing today.

Unigine Superposition is torture even for the most beastly cards on the market. Here the 1660 Gaming X pulls well ahead of the 1060 6GB again and closes in a bit on the 1070.


Enough with synthetics, let’s get it in our game suite.

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