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Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair Glaive RGB – Looking Closer

Above we see the Glaive as it comes out of the box with the thin, soft touch thumb rest installed. Corsair has once again pulled off a perfect blend of fine cut lines and rounded edges. The Glaive is a right handed, ergonomic gaming mouse designed for comfort over hours of gaming. The design is large and open allowing for many grip styles, especially when factoring in the multiple included thumb rests. The Glaive is a top tier mouse in design and feature set.

Next, we take a look at the second thumb rest option. This thumb rest is more robust and features a comfy slip resistant section. I liked this thumb rest as it provided a little ledge for my thumb to rest on right next to the forward/back buttons without having to move at all. Each rest changes the look of the mouse but all compliment the base style nicely.

Last but not least we see the third rest option. This is the most extreme looking option which has a wing type design with a rubber section that cradles your thumb. For myself, this was the most comfortable option and I enjoyed the extreme look of it.

Before installing a new thumb rest I assumed they would be held on by some form of retention clip system. To my surprise and joy, the thumb rests are magnetic. When putting a new rest near the Glaive it snapped into place and instantly put a smile on my face. This makes the rests easy to swap out quickly and the magnet is strong enough they will not come off accidentally.

Now to get into some hardware specifics and see the Glaive’s three LED zones lit up. Under the hood of the Glaive sits a custom PMW3367 gaming grade optical sensor developed for Corsair with Pixart. This sensor has a 100 – 16,000 DPI capability, adjustable in 1 DPI increments. This sensor is not messing around and puts the Glaive right up at the top tier in terms of capability. The PMW3367 delivers instantaneous response across the entire resolution range, enabling advanced tracking accuracy, consistent responsiveness at any speed and high-speed motion detection.

The Glaive comes fully equipped with All-new, high-performance Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks. They feel great to the touch, sturdy and are really precise. Corsair Warranties this mouse for two years and we have a feeling the Omron switches will just be getting broken in at that point.  Looking at the right side of the Glaive we see a large rubber area for your pinky. This padded area covers a lot of real estate and should keep your pinky comfy regardless of grip style. The right side LED has a diffuser and gives the light an emanating from the inside core look.

Taking a look at the front of the Glaive we get a good look at the scroll wheel and front LED zone. The scroll wheel is made of aluminum with a rubber grip. I love the amount of resistance on the scroll wheel click, it takes a lot more pressure to click than most others I’ve felt. This gives a nice defined click and solid feel. The Glaive has some beautiful lines and edges. The front LED zone is also diffused and puts off a good amount of light. The front LED zone design reminds me of the exhaust vents on the Apache helicopter.

In the above photo, we get a nice look at the side buttons, left side LED, and DPI indicator lights. The way the design is placed on these buttons led me to believe they would function by clicking down towards the thumb rest. In fact, these side buttons function by clicking in towards the center of the Glaive. For my personal grip style, the DPI indicator lights were in a perfect position. I am able to see the lights below my index finger without moving my hand at all. Another great feature on the Glaive is the onboard storage. You can save your lighting\configuration and it will be present if you use your mouse on the go regardless if CUE if present.

As far as extra large polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) feet go, the Glaive has some of the largest I’ve seen.  PTFE is a strong, waxy, nonflammable synthetic resin, you may know it as Teflon. Having a generous feet surface area makes the Glaive glide effortlessly across a mouse mat in the manner of a figure skater.

The Glaive features a 1.8m braided fiber and the cool looking Corsair design we have come to expect. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

Funny how something so small can make such a huge difference for a product. Corsair has included a branded pouch to keep your unused thumb rests safe and accounted for, and I really appreciate it. I would have loved to see this simple bag included to keep the unused weights in the M65 PRO RGB accounted for.

Corsair Utility Engine – CUE

“The GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse is one of the many peripherals that uses powerful CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE). The software will allow gamers to create actions such as double macros, remappable key assignments, timer countdowns, dpi adjustments, and more.”

“The software will also allow gamers to create multiple color profiles as well as different modes that will enable separate lighting and action configurations based on the game or application with an adjustable
OSD (on-screen display). Users will be able to export and import profiles/actions/lighting to share with one another on Corsair forums and elsewhere so they can share and collaborate on lighting schemes.
CUE will also allow to:

  • Enable fluid and dynamic illumination with sophisticated lighting controls with supported Corsair
  • Construct actions and complex macros for any programmable button on supported Corsair devices to
    allow nearly unlimited control
  • Change the icons and background to match your desktop with our new custom user interface
  • Unify all of your Corsair gaming peripherals together in one application

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