Tuesday , 16 November 2021

Tudia Cous Remote Control Electrical Outlet Review


For once, testing was a breeze and a no-brainer, which is unusual for us. We went to a variety of electrical outlets around the lab and plugged breaker bars and power conditioners into the Tudia Cous outlets and for convenience sake put each outlet number on a sticky note for reference. We then got to the corner of the room, and from all four corners, we turned on and off the stations and lamps as well as one air circulation fan. All five Tudia Cous responded immediately to the on and off commands. As each outlet deactivated, a small blue LED flashed, letting you know the electricity was cut off.

We moved into the break room adjacent to the lab and turned the stations on and off while someone in the lab monitored the appliances and computers turning on and off. Even from the next room we got perfect responses from the Tudia Cous remote electrical outlets.

We fired up the cell phones and moved outside the lab and started moving away from the lab, testing the outlets along the way. Each increasing increment we moved to showed us that the outlets worked perfectly out to about 70 feet from the lab wall. Given the distance the outlets were inside the lab, we were perfectly satisfied with the Tudia Cous’ performance and ease of use.

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