Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard Review: The Flagship Sails!


There’s nothing like the feel of a flagship Cherry MX Mechanical keyboard under your fingers while gaming. The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard, strangely enough, had a new car smell to it once unpackaged and the brushed aluminum and solid 2.88 pound weight held it in place tightly in our laps as we fired up our favorite games. This keyboard is so solid we have no doubt you could beat anyone trying to steal it to death with it and keep on gaming with no damage.

We went into Cue and set three profiles, one for Skyrim, Doom and DOTA 2. Profile setup was easy and intuitive as we set up specific colors for the keys we use most. It’s best to decide on a specific color for key sets, like spells get bright red, defense moves get yellow, and escape and evade get orange. We also set some G key macros for emergency gaming situations. Macros can be saved to the onboard profiles which we found handy as each game can have it’s own specific macro set. FPS we are fond of setting a scramble macro, fire a burst of primary weapon ammo, duck, runs a few steps, lob a grenade and retreat cutting a zigzag path. Corsair’s CUE made it easy as pie to record our scramble macro which once edited for Doom made it ideal for those creepy moments monsters jump out and give you that adrenaline rush confusion.

Keystrokes were short and crisp and the 1.2mm actuation distance added some speed to furious gaming keystrokes. The anti ghosting was 100% effective and absolutely no keystrokes were missed, We did have to limit the Rainbow effects during gaming as with this and other RGB keyboards we find id distracting.

No matter what game we fired the K95 Platinum up in we found setting macros fast and precise and by accessing a few online sources for needed keystrokes we could cut the learning and mistake curve down to almost zero.

We would have to say Corsair has gone above and beyond with the K95 Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

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