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Enermax Ostrog ADV Computer Case



The center section of the front of the case is a black steel mesh with an Enermax label towards the top and Ostrog near the bottom. The three bay covers on the top half allow for individual removal with finger grips, while the bottom half (covering the fans) comes off as one complete panel. The outer frame of the front panel is made of ABS plastic and has rounded edges the entire way around.

Lining the center are the LED strips, which have six different modes (All on, Dimmed, Flash, Sparkle, Vegas & Off). There are three options for the color displayed by the LED, depending on the model you purchase; Blue, Green or Red. The LED strips are synchronized with the two pre-installed Enermax Vegas LED fans, located behind the lower half’s front panel.

Moving to the top of the case, we find the only other side of the exterior that has the LED strips synchronized with the front LED strips and the front interior fans. Directly on the inside of the LED strips is a steel mesh cover that is removable by a finger grip on the rearmost section of the cover. Along the interior side of the panel there is a filter, much like the front sides lower panel.


On the top of the front edge is the housing for the front I/O panel. Starting from the top row (from left to right) we found 2 x 3.0 USB ports, a 3.5mm microphone jack followed by a 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 x 2.0 USB ports and the button to control the light modes. On the bottom row, we found the reset button, power button and the 3 speed fan controller.


The left side of the case sports the other most prominent exterior feature (the other one being the LED light strips), the large acrylic window allowing you to look into just about every inch of the interior that you may want to see. The window extends about 2 cm from the rest of the frame and has smooth beveled edges. The most noticeable feature when looking through the window is the color-matched motherboard tray, in the case of our sample it is the same shade of brilliant red.

The right side does not support a window like the left side, but there is a protruding section that covers the same area and comes out as far as the window does, which is a nice touch to keep the sides as symmetrical as possible.


On the bottom of the case there is a large dust filter (no fine mesh this time) roughly parallel to the top sides mesh cover/filter.  There are also large rubber non-slip pads attached to each of the feet.


Finally, moving to the back of the case, the power supply is located at the very bottom and has mounting holes allowing for fans to be installed up or down depending on your layout. Just above this are the I/O slot covers which are a mesh painted to match the interior of the case/LED lights. In the top right is the 120mm rear fan area, which comes in use by the pre-installed Enerflo fan. Directly to the left are the two grommet protected pass through holes that allow for external water cooling gear. Lastly, the six tool-less (two for each side and two for the top panel) and a handle allowing for easier access to the windowed side.

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