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Papago! GoSafe S30 Dashcam

Closer Look


The packaging is constructed of hard cardboard and we will say we felt like it was rather over constructed when compared to other boxes of products we have reviewed. The gray and white cover is simple yet does a very good job at conveying the product with its full colored front and rear product pictures.


On the backside of the box it lists the contents and features of the S30 in greater detail and we found it did a excellent job of informing potential buyers to the point a senior citizen could easily understand it.

GoSafe S30


The GoSafe S30 on the front side of the dashcam features a 135 degree field of view lens that is fixed. Located above the lens is the speaker that is used for playback and for the driver safety alerts. We found these alerts were audible enough to alert us even while we were listening to the radio. Above the lens is the mounting location for the windshield mounts and located under the lens is the PAPAGO! Logo.


On the rear side of the S30 we found the 2 inch screen that is used to playback and review footage, but we also found the screen instrumental in setting up the dashcam and mount to get it centered during install. Located directly below the screen we found the four buttons that allow you to navigate the menus and configure the S30. These buttons can also be used to view the recorded video or pictures depending on the recording mode you have configured in the settings. Also within the menu is the configuration for the driver alert options that you will want to set up according to your preferences. When we used the buttons they provided a nice tactile feel that allowed us to feel when the button was suppressed enough to register an input.


On the left driver’s side of the S30 we find the power button and power LED that notifies you when the dashcam is powered on; there is also a reset switch next to it.


On the top of the GoSafe S30 we find the Mini-USB B port for charging. Next to this is an AV out, MicroSD card slot that supports up to 64GB and a port for the optional GPS receiver.


The bottom side features the model information and the S/N along with the certifications for the PAPAGO! Gosafe S30.


The S30 includes a variety of accessories that give you a wide range of choices for mounting and doesn’t nickel and dime you for accessories that some other dashcams  on the market sell as optional extras.


The power cable is a USB mini-B cable and is extremely long at first glance until you take into account how the S30 is designed to be mounted. It is designed to be mounted near the top of your windshield behind your rearview mirror to give you the optimal field of view. As result PAPAGO! Included an extra long cable so you can route it along the headliner and down the pillar and then finally under the dash  giving you a clean professional look once you finish installing it. On the charger itself a small red LED will light up when it is charging the unit. The mounting brackets included were an adhesive one and a suction one; both types of mounts have different uses. In my personal vehicle I ended up using the adhesive mount since it was more compact in size and tucked out of the way better. However we found the suction cup worked well in a rental car we used. We also tested it on other flat surfaces and found that as long as you clean and prep the surface beforehand it worked just fine. However if you want to mount it somewhere that is exposed to the elements, you will need to make sure it doesn’t get wet since it is not protected by an exterior case like that of the GoPro, since it is designed for a different purpose. Both of the mounts are adjustable and can be adjusted via the moveable arm that you can adjust by loosening the thumb screw.

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