Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Mice are one of the types of peripherals that are typically user specific, as there is no real “one size fits all”. Everyone has their own specific needs or requirements for fitting said mouse into our uniquely shaped hands. What Award_Silverworks for one may not work for others, or vice versa. And then taking into account the multiple types of holds that each of us computer users have really adds to the confusion. Knowing all of this, we will keep the conclusion part of this review based upon the EVGA TORQ X5 mouse functionality. In all honesty, this mouse performed quite well and above our expectations. Not once did this mouse hinder our use of our games or computer programs. The software is for the most part is user friendly, and it is easy to configure and set up the TORQ X5 mouse to our unique computing requirements.

The only real complaint we have is that this mouse is fairly light, and will require a bit more time to adjust to the mouse.

In closing, if you need a mouse that has the capabilities of expanding your current mousing capabilities, such as adjustable DPI settings, while adding a few extra buttons for us to program to our needs, and having an affordable price point of around $50 USD, then the EVGA TORQ X5 mouse is right up your alley.

Pros Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use software
  • Multiple LEDs
  • On board profile memory
  • Flexible USB cable
  • Price
  • Light weight

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