EK Water Blocks L360 Liquid Cooling Solution Review, Wild Water! (EK-Kit L360 Rev 2.0)

Final Thoughts

The EK-Kit L360 is impressive on every level! The quality of the individual components is top-notch and we think EKWB is being a little modest calling it a basic kit. The Award_Goldname obviously leaves room for a higher level kit but the EK-Kit L360 should be enough for 99.9% of all end users. In the coming months we’ll likely take a look at EKWB’s EK-Kit X360 which is EKWB’s flagship water cooling solution but it will be hard pressed to beat their EK-Kit L360. We saw reductions in core temperatures of over 10°C when running overclocked to 4,4GHz with a core voltage of 1.35V.

When we hit 4.4GHz every cooler we tested with the exception of the EK-Kit L360 failed our target temperature of 80°C and most failed catastrophically. We cut the tests off at 90°C and the EK-Kit L360 was just sneering at them while it rode a comfortable 72°C with Realbench running an additional 30 minutes. Looping at 98 – 100% for an hour of RealBench we recorded a temperature of 72°C leaving us 8°C additional overhead to push the 5820k to 4.5GHz if we want that little 100MHz additional boost,

The EK-Kit L360 Surpassed our expectations and smashed the competitors. We weren’t big fans of the black rubber tubing but it is durable and lets you run insanely curved loops without pinching. The plastic the nipples screw into on top the EK-Supremacy MX UNI CPU Water Block could have been copper but the plastic is serviceable enough that we had no problem with it.

Having surpassed our expectations into the amazed region we really didn’t believe a “Kit” could match a DIY water cooling loop but EKWB pulled it off nicely. The EK-Kit L360 performed as well as many DIY water loops we’ve seen and better than a lot of them. You have to get into 1/2 inch tubing with higher flow pumps and massive reservoirs before you get the cooling equivalent of the EK-Kit L360 so it’s well deserving of our praise and a Golden Bear Award.


Pros Cons
  • Excellent Performance at 4.4GHz
  • Complete Universal Kit
  • Easy Assembly
  • Clear Instructions
  • Upgradable with OTC Parts
  • Tubing Allows Insane Bends
  • 1850 RPM Silent EK F3 120mm Vardar Fans
  • Competes Well With DIY 360mm Radiator Kits
  • Tubing Is Black Rubber
  • Plastic Nipple Ports On WaterBlock

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  1. tests are not really interesting without NZXT Kraken X61

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