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SilverStone Fortress FT05 (Silver W/ Window) (SST-FT05S-W)

Final Thoughts

The SilverStone Fortress FT05 chassis is one well thought out piece of hardware. It transcends just being a computer case and is so integrated to your system that it Award_Silverbecomes a part of your hardware. It takes a bit of getting used to not seeing a bevy of 5 1/4 drive bays polluting the front of your chassis but the sleek unmarred surface quickly grows on you. It’s a little like the computer chassis of the future delivered today. The SOD02 fits neatly into its slot and you need to get used to using File Explorers right-click eject function but that’s more of a Doh moment than a learning curve. The rubber stopper provided by SilverStone to cover the Optical slot should you choose not to have an optical at all also doubles as a dust cover for the slot fed SOD02 which was a nice surprise.

Your probably not going to choose the SIlverStone Fortress if you plan on building a huge multi-GPU system but 98% of all end users will find it an elegant muted solution to housing their components that extrudes class. Placement of a Dual Radiator is possible if you loose the two Air Penetrator bottom fans or with a little creative modding top mounting a dual radiator might be possible.

You have a 162mm limitation on CPU cooler height so mammoth coolers are probably out of the picture here. The noise insulating properties and the two 180mm Air Penetrator fans make it well worth picking components to fit the build.


The SilverStone Fortress FT05 would make a great large HTPC or a classy case for an office setting. Make sure that you understand the idiosyncrasies of the chassis and pick a sub 162mm CPU cooler and you’ll have a chassis that will last you a lifetime. Even though the SIlverStone Fortress looks muted this thing is built like a bank vault with 1/8″ (approx) solid Aluminum panels. Slide the top back and you have a pair of handles to help move the chassis around.

When SIlverStone engineers something they engineer it to fill its function, perform better than expected and once you notice it raise eyebrows as casual (jealous) glances go toward it. The Silverstone Fortress FT05 is no exception, it has a few easy to live with quirks but visitors often make jokes about the “Hal 2000” computer purring away on the test bench.

The Bear Facts: The SilverStone Fortress FT05 is a highly capable well designed feat of engineering that set us back on our heels from the first time we saw it. Once we handled the chassis and realized it’s potential we shifted directions and it quietly serves as an all around test rig as well as a media server passing vital files from lab station to lab station and does so quietly. Earning a permanent spot on the test bench is a feat in itself and speaks volumes about the Fortress FT05.

Pros Cons
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Stylish Look
  • 90° rotated Motherboard
  • Lack Of Annoying Empty 5 1/4″ Drive Bays
  • Precision engineering
  • Top Carry Handles
  • 180mm Air Penetrator Fans
  • SilverStone’s Famous Muted Design
  • Only 1 Type Optical Works
  • Interior HD Bay Partially Blocks Fan
  • Wires Rooster Tail Out the Top Back

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