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Kingston Technologies micro-SD card with Mobile Lite G4 Media Reader

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Award_GoldI am actually impressed by the performance of the Kingston Technologies 64GBs micro-SD card and the MobileLite G4 media reader combination. This combination did exactly what Kingston advertised to move large files from one electronic device to another quickly and effortlessly, and the quality on the MobileLite G4 media reader is beyond compare. Not to forget, that micro-SD cards serve a greater purpose other than giving us more storage on our mobile electronic devices. That we can also utilize this fast micro-SD card in our camcorders, and cameras, in the world of DSLR’s and their 24+MPs cmos sensors we need to have a micro-SD/SD cards that are capale of moving large amounts of data quickly and smoothly in order for us to have the most performance out of our DSLR type of cameras while using the burst modes. With our HD camcorders we need to be able to write to our micro-SD/SD cards quickly as well so that we can have smooth transitions as we pan the camcorders around while recording.

The need to have more storage space on our mobile devices is becoming a necessity. We require more storage space so that we can take longer video’s, hold more of our pictures and are able to store and play our movies and songs on our portable devices; Phones and Tablets. Let’s face it, these days using an 8-16GBs micro-SD cards are just not cutting it anymore. We are starting to require the larger 32-64GBs micro-SD cards on our mobile devices. Not to forget that these micro-SD cards also require…

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The MobileLite G4 media Reader with the 64GBs micro SD card makes for a perfect companion for our mobile electronic devices, such as our phones/tablets, and also to include our media recording electronic devices.

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