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Kingston Technologies micro-SD card with Mobile Lite G4 Media Reader


Kingston Technologies MobileLite G4
Kingston Technologies keeps the packaging pretty simple for the MobileLite G4. It’s in a standard blister packaging, and Kingston Technologies gives us some information that this is indeed a USB3 Card Reader.
After fighting with the packaging, I was able to get the MobileLite G4 card reader out of its packaging. Looking at the backside of the card reader, we can see that it can utilize both micro-SD and standard SD cards. The top slot is for the micro-SD cards, the lower slot is for the standard sized SD cards.
The one thing that you will really notice about this media/card reader is that it is not made out of the typical plastic. It is instead built mostly out of Aluminum. Actually, the front 2/3 of the card read is made out of Aluminum while the last 1/3 is out of plastic. I personally like how Kingston Technologies built the MobileLite G4, because it is rigid enough to take abuse from dropping it and the constant plugging/un-plugging it from our computers.
Kingston Technologies micro-SD card
Time to turn our attention over to the Kingston Technologies micro-SD card packaging; once again, we can see that Kingston Technologies kept the packaging pretty simple and straight forward. Kingston Technologies includes a SD to micro-SD card adapter for those who do not have a micro-SD reader. We can see that this particular product has 64GBs of DATA storage, and that this particular card is capable of reaching 90MB/s reads, and 80MB/s writes.
The micro-SD and SD card adapter removed from its confines of the packaging. Which, I should mention it was actually pleasant to remove the cards.

The need to have more storage space on our mobile devices is becoming a necessity. We require more storage space so that we can take longer video’s, hold more of our pictures and are able to store and play our movies and songs on our portable devices; Phones and Tablets. Let’s face it, these days using an 8-16GBs micro-SD cards are just not cutting it anymore. We are starting to require the larger 32-64GBs micro-SD cards on our mobile devices. Not to forget that these micro-SD cards also require…

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The MobileLite G4 media Reader with the 64GBs micro SD card makes for a perfect companion for our mobile electronic devices, such as our phones/tablets, and also to include our media recording electronic devices.

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