ASUS ROG GTX 980 Matrix Platinum – Pushing Maxwell to the Limit

Our Final Thoughts

ASUS always aims to deliver solid performers in regards to its top end OC cards and this honestly is not the first time I’ve had an OC card that was not the best clocker ever on air. That being said the MAtrix Platinum shows major promise for those who have the knowhow and capability to strap a pot to this and push it to its limits.

The Matrix platinum out of the box pushes some of the best scores we have seen to date.

The price of the Matrix platinum is high compared to other standard edition 980 cards but you really have to understand that this card is a composition of many elements to make up one of the best cards for pushing the limits.

With that considered you really do have to assess what your usage model is, if your gaming this card will work but there are likely better options to meet your needs but I do know that this will not stop many from taking this card or many of them to build the most insane gaming rig ever.

ASUs delivered a card which in the right hands could break world records, or even build an insane gaming rig, the options are endless if you have the budget.

  • Built to be the best
  • Massive cooling potential
  • Memory Defroster
  • Excellent tuning ability
  • Safe Mode Switch
  • 14 Phase DIGI+ VRM
  • Silent operation
  • Excellent out of the box performance
  •  Air Cooling overclock not as strong as some others
ASUS ROG GTX 980 Matrix Platinum I love looking at new cards and most are minor upgrades to the reference model while others are a bit better with custom PCBs and some minor trickery to help performance. Some are simply balls to the walls complete ground up builds made specifically for pushing the limits, and today that's what we have. ASUS always aims to impress with its top model ROG based overclocking cards and the last few Matrix cards we have seen have been very impressive, so needless to say when…

Review Overview

Performance - 9
Value - 9
Quality - 9.5
Features - 10
Innovation - 10


The GTX 980 Matrix Platinum is an amazing card just waiting to find its way into the right hands. Now you have to ask are you the one?

User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)

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