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Nvidia G-SYNC: A New gaming experience seen on the ASUS SWIFT PG278Q Display

Our Final Thoughts

The Nvidia technologies meant to improve your gaming experience have come down a long road over so many years but with G-SYNC I really feel like they have done something that simply changes the game completely and yes that pun was intended.

G-SYNC smooths the games to a level I cannot describe and simple words like amazing just don’t seem to deliver the true feeling I have for this as it really does change the way you see your game. I truly do feel that this adds a new level to the idea of game immersion, this takes it from being a concept to being really possible as so many of the minor ticks you have within a game are now gone with a plug and play monitor solution.

The technology does awesome but one thing to keep in mind is there is a cost factor such as the display I used to test this which honestly is one awesome piece of hardware with 1440p at 144Hz capable and 1ms response times but it also is 700 dollars which means it will be tough for some to swallow.

The other thing to consider is that G-SYNC is a Nvidia technology so you have to be running an Nvidia GPU to use it and well I can understand that as they need the control over the hardware/software parts to ensure the proper experience.

Overall G-SYNC is something you need to see to believe and I hope Nvidia starts having G-SYNC live Demos in stores as that’s the only way anyone can truly understand what G-SYNC has to offer and what it does for your gaming experience.

Do note that more monitors are starting to arrive with G-SYNC technology and even 4K so prices should start to drop and follow suit.

  • Changes the way you experience games
  • Amazing smoothness
  • Plug and play (it just works)
  • Need to see to understand
  • Monitor price is a bit high so far.
  • Only works on Nvidia GPUs


Nvidia G-SYNC Technology Nvidia has been very proud of many of their advances over the last few years, offering special ways to improve the gaming experience using GeForce products. That being said we have seen many instances where gaming immersion has been enhanced or at least changed the way you play from things such as 3D Vision or new AA technologies to make the game just a more enjoyable and cleaner feeling experience. However there is one thing that has always been an issue which is screen tearing, and this can be fixed with VSYNC or at…

Review Overview

Performance - 10
Value - 8.5
Quality - 10
Feature - 10
Innovation - 10


Nvidia G-SYNC technology is something that is hard to put into words but if you try it you will understand it and it will be tough to game without it.

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